Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sweet Summer {finally}

Yes, the first week of summer wasn't too pleasant.  The pox did not make a visit to our house -- thank you for your prayers!  But my Caleb did have a terrible, horrible case of hand/foot/mouth disease.  I have never encountered that with any of my children, but it was pretty awful.  

I washed every sheet and towel in the house...multiple times.  Cartoons were in abundance.  The days and nights were long.  But excess amounts of ibuprofen and popsicles got us through.

And everyone recovered.  

Except me.

So, what do you do when you are at your wit's end?

Well, you crawl {or drive} to your mama, of course.

Bob had quite a list of home projects to take care of, so I decided to give him a quiet house for a couple weeks and head to Disney World of the South (a.k.a. my parents' home in Tennessee).

Yes, I loaded up the minivan and drove all 4 kids 440 miles by myself.  No DVD player.  No other person over 5 years of age.  And we made the trip in 7 hours.  Bam!

A bag of lollipops saved us in the 6th hour.

My sweet Eveley was a perfect angel and acted as my co-pilot for the entire trip.  She sat beside the twins, fixed bottles, handed out snacks and juice, and kept Caleb entertained.  She was a wonderful help, and I could not have done it without her.

It always warms my heart to see my children spending time with their cousins and enjoying Tennessee's best.

This is what summers are made of.



Slip and Slides

Sweaty, Fat Babies


Afternoons at the Pool


Tractor Rides

Making Memories with Cousins

This is better than Disney World any day.