Friday, September 25, 2009

Please Leave a Message after the Beep

I'm sorry I've been unable to blog lately, but life is busy. So here's one for you, Jenna! =)

Because I ALWAYS have had short hair, I have vowed not to cut Eveley's hair. She has very pretty long hair and it is really thickening up. Yes, this is a lot of work -- keeping it out of her eyes and free of syrup and spaghetti. But I just love long hair.

When I was at the store last week, I saw the infamous pink sponge rollers and decided to give them a whirl. I put them in Eveley's hair after her evening bath and was pretty sure she would pull them out before bedtime. But she didn't! She kept them in all night long, and this was the result on Sunday morning!



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(Don't worry about the battle scar -- she got it by diving onto the bed and hitting a box hiding underneath the down comforter.)

Her favorite game right now is Hide & Seek. It's pretty funny. She believes that if she can't see you, then you can't see her either. So this is a typical hiding place for her...


She'll then count to 20 and yell, "Ready or not, here I come." But she isn't up on all the rules of the game. As I am walking through the house looking for her, I will say, "Hmm... Where is Eveley?" To which she responds, "I'm under the table!" We're still working on teaching her the concept of the game, but it is pretty funny.

Mr. Caleb is his usual smiley self. I just love this little boy. If it wouldn't have been weird, I would have named him Joy too. These kiddies remind me of my JOY!


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The quilt is still in progress. But I'm getting closer. Crystal made it sound so easy -- you just have to be able to sew and cut straight lines, she said. Well, note to self: I can neither sew nor cut straight lines.


So, what do we have planned for the weekend? Glad you asked. I am leaving this afternoon for a women's conference with some girlfriends. How fun. It's just 2 hours away, but we're all very excited. My mom graciously came to visit so she can watch the kids.

The conference is featuring a ton of awesome speakers and entertainers. But the two I'm most psyched about --- Amy Grant and Candace Cameron. =)

And a few things I'm looking forward to this weekend:

*leaving the nursing bras at home
*taking a bag of York Peppermint Patties all for myself
*going to bed after 10:00 because I want to
*listening to something other than Madame Blueberry in the car

Can't wait!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Whatchoo talking bout, Willis?

I took Caleb in for his 9-month checkup this past week. I have never been one to keep up with the kids' stats or pride myself on their percentile ranking. But they have always been long for their age (always above 70%) and usually between 60-75% for weight. Eveley is now in the 97% for height and looks like she's 8 (but she acts like she's 2). I digress...

Mr. Caleb eats like a horse. He wishes I would let him use a straw to suck down his green beans. I can't seem to get the food to his mouth fast enough. He eats everything. Except peas. But everything else -- squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, peaches, oatmeal, barley cereal, apricots, pears, bananas, apples, blueberries. You get the point.

So, you can understand how surprised I was after this visit. The nurse weighed and measured him. She opened his chart to plot his progress. Then she said, "Let's weigh him again." No big deal. Remember, at his 6 months checkup, he was 75% for height and 60% for weight. And at 9 months???

The nurse informed me that Caleb was now 50% height - he is 28 1/2 inches - and he weighs 19 pounds 2 ounces. That's 20% for weight! What?? He only gained 1 pound in 3 months? How can this be? He must have a hollow leg or two. Now they have prescribed some iron drops for him and have asked us to come back for a weight check in a week. I'm sorry, but that's just ridiculous!

Does he look like he's missing meals?? Maybe he's going to be petite like his mother? (That's a joke...!)

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Worth the Wait!

Yes, I know. I promised to be a more-regular blogger after quitting my "real job". But, the truth is, I am stinkin' busy.

With MOPS (more on that later), church responsibilities, Bible studies, housecleaning, meal planning, quilting -- oh yeah, and 2 crazy kiddies, I am having a rough time keeping up!

But to make it up to you, I thought I'd share a few treats from this summer. Last year, my sweet friend Kim took some beautiful pictures of Eveley at a local resort for her first birthday. Sadly, Kim moved away. Remember these?

Fortunately, I met a new friend, Anna, in my MOPS group. She is a wonderful photographer, and we had her come to the same resort for Eveley's second birthday (and Caleb's 1/2 year birthday!).

The pictures turned out beautifully! What a difference a year makes!





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Although we had to bribe Eveley with some Curious George fruit snacks, I think the results are priceless. Each photo captures her spunky personality and the stage of the "terrific two's".