Monday, May 30, 2011

This past month has been a blur...full of sweet blessings and difficult transitions.

Everyone is getting used to the new babies and their constant demands.

Caleb and Eveley are definitely having a rough time, and I am looking for a giant bubble to protect the twins from big brother Caleb. He thinks it's hilarious when they squeal or jump, and he tries out multiple methods to get them to do so. This has been the biggest challenge.

The older two left this morning for Tennessee where they will spend the week having fun with cousins. Bob and I will be concentrating on the twins and figuring out a good plan of attack to meet their needs. This will be good for all of us, but I already miss the other two terribly.

I'm hoping to catch up on blogging this week, but I'm promising nothing. If there's something you really want to know, just leave me a comment and I'll do my best. :)

Here are a few pictures taken by my friend Jenn. They are 2 weeks here.


Thursday, May 26, 2011


Six years ago today, I was given the most invaluable gift ~ Motherhood

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new."

Robert Emmet Byrne, III was born around 6:30 in the evening, weighing 7 pounds and 13 ounces. We welcomed his bright blue eyes into our lives, and we would never be the same.

Sweet Robbie,

You taught me the value of motherhood.

You taught me that selflessness isn't too big of a sacrifice.

You taught me to enjoy every minute of the day, even the hard ones.

You taught me that words are not adequate to describe a mother's love.

Happy Birthday.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Venturing Out

I have loved introducing the twins to our friends and family. But it is not very easy to get everyone out of the house.

Their first trip out, leaving the hospital and heading home, proved to be quite difficult.

Being a super planner, I had washed and prepared two carseats for the babies -- one borrowed from my sweet friend Joy and the other was Caleb's.

But our little peanuts were little. And these carseats would not do. I didn't even know that was a possibility! So, we had to send Bob out to Babies R Us to purchase 2 brand new carseats (with a 4 pound baby minimum) before we could leave the hospital.

This past Thursday was my MOPS group's last meeting. I hated to miss it and desperately wanted to see my sweet girlfriends and introduce them to the twins. But the babes were only 9 days old and I had just undergone major surgery. Yea. Blah. Blah. Blah.

I was determined to go.

I would have never attempted this without my super hero mom being here. (at least, I don't think so...) But with her help, I thought we could do it.

We began preparing on Wednesday. I pumped bottles, laid out clothes for everyone, packed the diaper bag, gathered my end-of-the-year gifts and cards for my leadership team, and found an outfit for myself that fit. Everyone was bathed and smelling delicious.

Thursday morning, I woke up and threw everything into high gear. We got everyone fed and dressed, put all 4 kiddoes into their carseats and I walked around to get into the car. I breathed a sigh of relief as I was still on schedule.

I got into the car and turned the key. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I couldn't believe it, but my car battery was dead as a doornail.

I began to sweat and tried to hold off the tears. I called a friend who lives nearby but was already at MOPS. She was able to contact another friend's husband who lives down the road and he came over the help us out.

To make a very long story short, he tried multiple times, called every mechanic friend he knew, and could not get the car to start. We told Eveley - who was strapped in the very back seat - to pray about it. The battery was dead dead, he said. Then the tears came. I tried to remain calm but I couldn't stop crying. I was so very sad (and quite a bit mad). So I called my MOPS friends and told them (as I failed to hold back the tears) that I wouldn't be able to make it.

I began unloading kids from the car. Then our friend, Mr. Mark, said he would give it one more try. He positioned the jumper cables a little differently and I got in to turn on the car. All of the sudden, the lights came on and the car started. I couldn't belive it and started crying even harder! My mom told Eveley to thank Mr. Mark.

"Not Mr. Mark," she yelled, "It was JESUS!" That made me almost bust a stitch.

We quickly thanked him for being our angel, put the kids back into the car, and drove to MOPS! On the drive there, Eveley told me that it was a miracle. She was right.

So we all made it to MOPS. I unloaded the kids and started handing out bags before the ran to class. Then I realized I had left the diaper bag in the garage. HA! This story keeps getting better and better. But fortunately, I had not left my boobs at home, so the twins were fine.

Caleb and Eveley were able to go to their classes, which they love, and I was able to visit with my friends for a bit.

When we loaded back into the car to return home, my mom asked me if it was worth it. DEFINITELY, I said.

So our first venture out was a little bit of a mix between Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Miracle on 34th Street.

I'm not sure when we will attempt another outing.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Report from the Front Lines


I got the privilege of spending some time with Ryan, Jack & their tired mama. Here are a few photos to satisfy the baby gawking. These little bitties are ADORABLE! I kept saying, "Oh my gosh! They are so cute!", perhaps 50 times. I did take a few minutes away from the camera to hold them. Delight!

One day, months from now, Lauren will have tons of free time to blog. But for now, it's feed, sleep, repeat. Thank goodness Lauren's sweet mama is here to help.


I found a few spare minutes this morning and wanted to update you all just a bit. I haven't posted in a while because I thought it was unwise to record any thoughts during that first week of mental instability.

Each day is getting better and we will figure this thing out soon.

These babies are precious and, for the most part, very content. You can already spy the differences in these two -- they have very different personalities and demeanors. Jack is cool as a cucumber. Miss Ryan Elizabeth is a bit demanding. But they are adorable nonetheless.

A sweet friend made these blankets and hats for the babies.



I'll give you the full story behind the naming game soon.

Ryan Elizabeth is trying to decide what to wear today...

Ryan Elizabeth is already fed up with Jack.

I've found that these pacis are their favorites. And Eveley's silly bands work great for helping me remember which twin nursed on which side. =)

We are blessed!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

They're Here

There are many details to share but my arms are constantly full of nursing babes, so you'll have to hold your horses.

We are wonderfully blessed. Thank you for all your prayers.


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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mama

We spent this last weekend trying to soak it all in -- enjoying our family of 4 and the sunny weather, celebrating Mother's Day, and checking off the final items on our "to do" list.

Mother's Day began early as Bob took us out for breakfast on Saturday. This is definitely one of my favorite things to do. Hot coffee and pancakes. And hungry kids who will actually eat the food. We are very aware that family meals out will be a rarity.

Then Bob took the kids to the park while I got a massage. Awesome! Our evening ended with a yummy dinner cooked by my sweet hubby.

But, of course, my favorite part of Mother's Day is loving on my precious children.

We are still having a hard time wrapping our minds around what is getting ready to happen. Having a birth scheduled to the date and time is very different for us....not to mention that we will be leaving the hospital with TWO babies. But God is working out all of the little details and reminding us of His great love.

My little brother graduates from high school on Thursday. So my parents will be heading our way next weekend after finishing his celebrations. But my awesome sister Carrianna is going to come stay with me in the hospital this week. She's a nurse and actually stayed with me after I had Robbie. I am so thankful that she rearranged her schedule to come and be with me.

My sweet Eveley is super excited!

My crazy Caleb doesn't really care.

I am glad this pregnancy is coming to a close. Besides the awful first trimester, this has been the easiest pregnancy by far. I'm afraid these babies are going to pop out of my belly button, but I have oddly been pretty comfortable.

I decided to heed everyone's advice and take a few pictures to record my physical predicament. Here's a belly shot from yesterday. I got so cracked up at Eveley's face. She obviously thinks the belly is hilarious.

And while I am feeling well, I am suffering terribly from pregnancy brain.

For example... I called our pediatrician's office this past week and asked to speak to his nurse. I carefully explained that I was having twins and would like to request that the doc perform our baby boy's vasectomy in the hospital so I wouldn't have to bring the twins back to the office later in the week.

The nurse acted so confused.

I went through the details again. We are having twins, a boy and a girl. I would rather not have to bring the babies back to the office after leaving the hospital. So I'd like him to do the vasectomy in the hospital.

She paused. "Um. Do you mean the circumcision?" she said.

Oh my word. Of course. I was so embarrassed but am sure their office got a good laugh out of it. =)

Happy Mother's Day to my mom who is the best mother on the planet...and to my two sisters who will welcome little boys into this world in September!!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Counting Down!

Our precious twins are scheduled to arrive in six days.  SIX!  May 10 will be their birthday unless I go into labor before then (which I highly doubt).

These two are destined to be close friends. They have been snuggling side by side for the majority of their time in the womb. And they are not budging. 

So the inevitable C-section has been scheduled.  I am now seeking my friends' advice on C-sections and recoveries.   Since this pregnancy has been completely different from the beginning, I guess it makes sense for it to also end in its own unique way.

While I must admit that I'm pretty disappointed this won't be a natural delivery, I am also confident that the breech position of these babies contributed to a comfortable and pretty easy last several months. I have been amazed at how good and normal I've felt. I have not had any back problems with this pregnancy, which is a major blessing!

We are almost ready for this. The big transition has been made. For the past month, Caleb has been out of the baby bed and is sleeping with Eveley in bunk beds. We were very surprised at how easy this move was. They are both enjoying the time together and we have had no issues. Now, we just have to rearrange the car seating assignments and install the infant car seats.

Our bags are packed for the hospital, and I have (hopefully) not forgotten anything. [You know I pride myself on being a fabulous planner.]  Anyone have any suggestions for things I should pack??

It appears that I will spend four days in the hospital and will have tons of time to blog and inundate you with pictures of these sweet miracles. (HA!) I'm sure things will be busy, but I will definitely try to keep you all updated.

I sincerely covet your prayers this next week – peace for me, Bob, Caleb and Eveley, and for a safe and healthy delivery of these babies.  (oh...and we need to name these babies! That's a whole separate post!!)

So...the big question. What to do over these next several days?

I had a final ladies night out this past weekend with girlfriends. The kids and I are making several appearances at their favorite spot on earth – the bounce and play. Winter clothes are stored and flower beds are planted. And I have a massage scheduled for Saturday.

In these last days, I am trying to concentrate my energy on spending quality time with Caleb and Eveley {and sleeping as much as I can}. Their Our world is about to be rocked.