Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One Down

The first of many "first" days of school, but I doubt we will be able to duplicate the amount of excitement in our house this morning.

Miss Ev was up before anyone else (not unusual) and came bounding in to our bedroom to remind us what day it was.

Here she is having  her typical breakfast - raisin bran - and holding up a "K" in sign language for Kindergarten.  :)

After making her bed, getting dressed, and practicing her week's Bible verse (she "earns" ice cream on Fridays if she is able to memorize the week's Bible verse), she was ready to go!

Dad went in to work late today so he could join us at the bus stop.  She is picked up just one house down from ours.  It is unbelievably convenient, and so far it is the highlight of her school experience.

It was a nice, mini-party at the bus stop with the neighbors taking pictures of their sweetie pies heading off to school.

My heart started racing here, and I almost had to grab her and run away.

One last pose, and she was off.

I'm glad they had dark tinted windows so I couldn't see her little face peeking through.

My sweet Caleb was very sad when he woke up and found Eveley missing.  These two are best buds.

So we rounded up the whole posse to go meet her at 2:30.  This will probably become the highlight of their day as well.

She made it.

And so did we.

A banana milkshake (bananas, milk, and real vanilla) was waiting for her.  Throw on some pink sprinkles, and she was as happy as a lark.

Eveley had a wonderful day.  I tried to let her spill the details at her own pace without interrogating her right away.  I found out a few things.  She was very tired and missed her blankie.  To her horror, the bus does not have seatbelts.  She went to Math but doesn't know why they call it that, because they didn't learn any math.  She loves art class, enjoyed the swings, and is ready to go back tomorrow.

Thank goodness.  


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

No Turning Back

Here we are.  The big day has arrived, and I'm a tad bit panicky.

My sweet Eveley Joy is starting Kindergarten.


This little one, who has been nearly attached to my hip for the past 5 1/2 years, will be climbing the steps of a giant, yellow school bus, and heading to public school for nearly 8 hours a day.


I'm trying not to think about it.

In some ways, it feels like this day is coming too quickly.  But in other ways, this day seems to be about 2 years late.  As we have watched Robbie's friends start school and grow up, it was something that I could not relate to at all.  But here we are.

Fortunately, our Father who loves Eveley more than we do, has guided us down this path and promised to continue to navigate our course.

The school is barely two miles from our neighborhood, so that is helping calm my nerves a little.  I could be there in a flash.

We met her teacher on Monday and were excited to find out Eveley will have a friend in the same class.  Other than that, we know nothing.

Eveley has been awaiting this day since she could barely speak.  She loves learning and challenges.  Preschool was fun, but she wanted more.  And she was very disappointed this summer to find out VBS did not include homework.

Tonight at dinner, I asked her what she was most looking forward to at Kindergarten.

"Quiet time," she answered.

I hear ya.

I will post pictures tomorrow.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Don't Worry

We are all still here.

And we are all still good.

In a crazy, normal kind of way.

These 2 monkeys are pretty happy.


A little birdie just explained to them the concept of "school" and that the 2 bigger monkeys of the household will be participating in a mere few days.

Their mama isn't too sure how she's going to handle that.

But she promises to try.

This weekend includes "Back to School" shopping for my little girl's big first year of kindergarten and my little boy's first year of preschool.

Heaven help us!