Monday, April 29, 2013

Six + Nine = Crazy

I can hardly believe it, but we now have a 6 year old.  In some ways, it seems unbelievable that she is 6.  And in other ways, it seems unbelievable that she is only 6.
Our Eveley Joy is one energetic and spunky little girl.  She is curious, creative, confident, and crazy.


As in year's past, Eveley's birthday turned into a week long affair.  Her actual birthday came while we were at the beach, so we were able to celebrate with some family and sugar.  (Her 2 favorite things.)

But she still wanted to have a birthday party with her sweet friends from school, church, and the neighborhood.

Around the beginning of March, Eveley let me know that she wanted a surprise party for her birthday.  That seemed a little hard to pull of....  So, we decided to do a 

Pancakes and Pajamas Party.

Saturday morning, 9 sweet little girls showed up at our house wearing their pajamas and ready to party.

They made necklaces out of fruit loops, decorated pillow cases, and enjoyed pancakes, hot chocolate, and every topping you could imagine.


Eveley's party was complete with a dapper maitre'de who welcomed the girls, took their food orders, and catered to their every whim.



It's a good things birthdays only come around once a year.

But, no time to rest.

These two little stinkers are turning TWO in two weeks.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Back

It's just been a mere FOUR months since my last blog post.  Not that anyone other than my father and grandmother have noticed, but 2013 is simply whirring by.

I'll be real honest.  There is almost no down time in my world.  And on those rare days when Mr. Sandman visits each child at the same time, I would prefer to plop on my crumb-infested couch and catch up on Project Runway.  I've finally finished season 3.  

Seriously though, I've spent the past few months reflecting on many things and sorting through the craziness that is our current life's stage.  I want to do this well.  There's only one shot at it.  And whether blogging fits in there somewhere was something I needed to pray about.

Right now, life requires a lot from me.  Sacrifice.  Patience.  Contentment.  Energy.  Determination.  And a great amount of prayer.

But, I've come to realize, these beautiful babies are worth it.

We just returned from a fun filled week at the beach.  And I am feeling a bit refreshed and re-energized. (Just a bit.)  

 Farewell, winter blues.  Spring has sprung.