Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Eveley Joy

My Dear Eveley,

Happy 2nd Birthday! You were born into this world on April 18, 2007. Although you were just a little thing, weighing 7 pounds and 2 ounces, you were given a difficult mission.

Your older brother Robbie went to be with Jesus three months before you were born. And while that is a very wonderful thing, your daddy and I missed him terribly! My arms were empty, our house was quiet, the time dragged by, and our tears flowed. You helped change that! My arms were full again, our time was totally occupied, and our house was anything but quiet. The tears still come, but there is much laughter mixed in! You are such a JOY.

God specially created you for us. Your mama and daddy love you and pray God continues to use you in mighty ways.

For your 2nd birthday, I wanted you to have a very special day -- it turned into a very special weekend. For a few weeks leading up to the big day, I would ask you what kind of party you wanted. You would loudly respond, "Mickey Mouse!" I was trying to suggest Tinkerbell or a pretty tea party. But you did not budge. It would be Mickey Mouse! Fortunately, you were going to let me and daddy come to the party. But when I asked if Ca-Ca (Caleb) could come, you said, "No Thanks."

We began our party preparations on Friday afternoon when you "helped" me make some cupcakes. I let you lick the beaters and even sample an un-iced version. You approved!

That night, we opened presents from Grandma & Grandpa, Pop & Marmee, and the great grandparents. You were very excited! (so was Caleb!)

Saturday was the real party day, and there was no better place for your party than outside at the park. We had beautiful weather. I had you all dressed up in your Minnie Mouse red & white polka dot skirt and top. We put you in the car and finished loading the van. "Uh Oh," you began screaming. "Uh Oh," I repeated. You had thrown up all over your pretty outfit. Oh well. I took you inside and changed your cute skirt out for a pair of second-hand jean shorts, and we were off to the park!

We pulled up and you knew right where we were. Daddy opened the van door, and there you went!

We bought some balloons and bubbles and invited your friends. They all got some Mickey ears to go with your Minnie ears (which you did not take off all day!) You had a blast.

You partied with your buddy Luke and his family.

And here's your friend Brody (you call him Rosey).

The red-headed clan also helped you celebrate. You were a little shy when everyone started singing "Happy Birthday" but you quickly calmed down when the cupcakes were served!

Where are the presents?

After a full day, we loaded up in the car and your demise was a quick one.

Later that afternoon, you helped daddy water our new trees while eagerly sporting your new sunglasses. Daddy kept squirting you with the hose.

You have barely taken those sunglasses off. (You are wearing them right now as you play with your blocks.)

I hope you had a very special birthday, Ms. Peeps! I love you this much and am so thankful for you.


Kristen said...

What a great post! The pictures are fabulous:) I love Caleb smiling in the backgroud and the cute sunglasses on Eveley!

Clare said...

the sunglasses were so cute, I LOVE the picture with her hand on her chin, so funny! I am sorry we missed all of the fun!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness.......such fun! I wish I were there! The photos are adorable, and I LOVE the shades. I love you, Miss Ev.

Allie Carpenter said...

Very cute Ms. Eveley! Carlee really liked her Minnie Mouse party:) She had those same ears!!!

From Paci to Pearls said...

How cute! The pictures were great! What fun! I love the sunglasses too! She is so styling at such a young age. :)