Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First Day of "School"

Yes, you read it correctly - Eveley's first day of school. Well, her first day of Vacation Bible School. And she was so excited.

She had to wear her "back-ack" and her teachers said she kept it on for most of the day!

We began talking about her going to "school" several days beforehand so I could prepare her for a different place and different people. She just wanted to know if she could ride the bus. She was disappointed when I told her she would have to ride in mommy's white van to school.

Here is Caleb on his first day!

Eveley and Caleb are too young for VBS but if I volunteered then the kids were able to go to a preschool program for workers' children. I really felt that Eveley would LOVE it. She seems pretty advanced for her age -- knows her letters, numbers, colors, shapes, has a larger vocabulary that I do, and enjoys all sorts of activities. (In fact, I have kinda been wondering if I should let her go to preschool next year.) So, being the good mom that I am, I volunteered. I was assigned to the 4 year olds. Robbie would have been in this class. I couldn't believe how old they all seemed. We had a great class, but I'm not gonna lie, they were a handful.

Here is the beginning of what I presume will be a rather extensive craft collection. (Good tip - take pictures of their art work rather than trying to keep all that mess...! I am keeping these, of course.)

It was a fun week, but one thing I learned - Eveley is NOT ready for preschool. She would rather be with her mama even if it gets boring some days. Her mama agrees.


Anonymous said...

Never say never! I bet once you stop working and are with the kids full-time you'll realize she probably is ready for preschool for a few hours a week. You may see that she needs more interaction/socialization and she'll become more bored with your toys, books and YOU! :)haha Lauren went at almost 2 and the boys all started at 3 or 4 months because I was their teacher! Good luck in this transition. You'll never regret it!

Anonymous said...

Evie looks so grown up! I certainly remember Robbie in his cool shades. Caleb looks like a chip off the old block--pop

Clare said...

you go girl, the four year old class that is tough! she is so sweet, i miss her;)

Godfreyhouse said...

I'm sure with her knowing you were there may have caused her to want to be with you. BUT, don't rush it. She will go to school in time and be there 13 years, than college for 4+ years. Just spend as much time with your children as much as you can. It passes quickly.