Friday, November 19, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

First of all, I must begin by saying how excited we are to be having another baby.

I have not struggled with infertility or had a miscarriage. Frankly, those are things that I fear. But I have friends who have dealt with both, and I in no way want to take this pregnancy for granted.

But it has been a rough road. I have been the sickest this go around. Not sure if that's because I am older (still only 31...for a few weeks) or if it's because I have 2 crazy monkeys to chase around also.

I have not had morning sickness but have had terrible afternoon and night sickness. It usually starts around lunch time and just goes downhill. By the time Bob gets home from work -- around 6:45 -- I am near death.

Each day has consisted of hugging the toilet...literally. And with every episode of wretching my guts out, I am either pulling my back out or wetting my pants. It's ridiculous!

Eveley has been very concerned as she thinks the baby is making me sick. We have explained that the baby is growing and that just makes mama feel bad. But she walked in the bathroom the other day and found me on my knees in front of the toilet. "No, mom!" she said, "You can't spit the baby out, sweetie. She's got to grow." (By the way, she's convinced the baby is a girl. When I told her it could be a boy, she said that we already had one and didn't need another.)

Smells and cravings are out of control. I was loving cold sandwiches with bread and butter pickles until a pickle came out of my nose. Then I switched to salads. I'm all over the board. I have randomly turned into Taco Bell twice and almost got a McRib the other day. I know... GROSS!!!

My senses are so heightened, I can barely snuggle with my kids. Their breath is terrible. I have even had to remove all of the plug-ins

I did have a scare a few weeks ago and had some bleeding. (sorry, TMI). But my doc says everything is completely fine and sometimes this "just happens." Well, it never happened in my 3 previous pregnancies, so I was very concerned. The next morning I woke up and saw dried blood on my sheets. I almost panicked. Then I put on my glasses and realized I had just fallen asleep on a chocolate milk dud.

I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and am so very thankful. But I did want to record this bit of truthfulness so my little bundle will know what I was willing to go through before I even knew him or her.

It is always worth it.



Amanda said...

oh, I so know how miserable it can sorry! :( there are moments you think death would be a sweet escape (or is that just me??) you are so gracious about the misery (and yes, it can be misery) and I hope you make a turn around and feel great the rest of the pregnancy! :)

Care said...

I literally laughed out loud when I read about Eveley and the chocolate milk dud! Ha.

3 Peanuts said...

UGH>>>>I had horrible pregnancies and bled the entire time with Harry. I will pray for you!

anna said...

You are so funny!

Kelly said...

Eveley is hilarious, thinking your are throwing up the baby. You have described my entire pregnancy with Jillian. I was sick the entire 9 months and scents set me off more than anything - couldn't walk into a BBQ restaurant or cook fish at home. Hopefully this will pass soon.

Clare said...

you are amazing, the milk dud story just made me burst out laughing! i hope you are truly turning the corner...xoxo, c

CMG's Mom said...

Oh I'm so sorry you are that sick...I had the horrible afternoon/evening sickness every day with Carter, and it was miserable. I just kept telling myself it was a good healthy sign! (Well, actually I was too sick to think anything coherent at the time.) It did pass...I hope it does for you soon also. Hugs!
And the fears...well you know they never completely pass. I'll pray for comforting and peaceful thoughts for you.