Friday, September 21, 2012

Still Nutty: Days 3-5

Because my memory will surely fail me, I must tell you (and me) that the past few days of our journey have continued to go well.

Thankfully, I have several lovely ladies who are farther on this journey and have graciously opened their research files and hearts to me.  And thanks for all of your feedback!

One thing I am learning -- You can't unlearn what you have learned.  What does that mean?  Well, if you don't really want to learn about some of our food in the good ole USA, then you may want to cover your eyes, put your fingers in your ears, and click away.  Don't begin the journey.  It will freak you out.  And then there's no turning back.

The past few days, we have enjoyed hamburgers and homemade sweet potato fries, chunky Italian "spaghetti", breaded chicken tenders (in almond flour) and salad.   And we tackled our first baking experiment this afternoon - Cinnamon Almond Cookies.

My friend warned me that goodies baked with almond flour (our go-to these days) and honey would be much more filling.  She was right!  The kids (and I) stood in front of the oven drooling.  I gave each of them one warm, chewy cookie.  They all LOVED them and didn't ask for another snack until dinner.  Trust me.  This is extremely rare.

Today, we noticed that Caleb's hyper and obsessive behavior was very minimal.  I am simply noting our observations on this journey and am not making specific conclusions just yet.  But we are all feeling much better.

Caleb is not even aware of the diet change.  He has quit asking for milk (he used to drink around 4-6 cups a day), has eaten fruit for his school snack every day, and he even came to me this morning and asked for a banana.  Five days with no dairy, gluten or sugar for him.  That made me super excited.

Miss Eveley is probably having the hardest time.  She is a good eater and enjoys most fruits.  But she knows something is up!  She is skeptical of everything I put in front of her.  It's a little funny.  But I couldn't allow her to eat certain things in the house while preventing Caleb from eating the same.  That would not have worked!

After school yesterday, she sheepishly told me that she "had" to order chocolate milk in the cafeteria because she was a little thirsty, but she thought it would be okay with me.  And today she has been moping about some of the changes and begging me to take her to Chucky Jesus this weekend.  {I'm still trying to decide if I'll correct her on that.  It's too funny and cute for now.}  One of the cookies changed her attitude pretty quickly.

And, now, to pan out so you see the true reality of our little kitchen...



Ben and April said...

Enjoying following you on this journey! We eat pretty much all organic at home, and have been toying with the idea of going gluten free for a while. We have a certain child that we believe would benefit from it too.

A website I found recently has some great recipes...

Ben and April said...

Enjoying following your journey! We eat pretty much all organic foods at home, and have been discussing going gluten free to see how it affects us.

A website I found recently has some great recipes that might satisfy a sweet tooth : )

Pilgrim Days said...

I make these all the time and they are so good. We don't even bother with the icing and you can use a mini muffin pan instead. Also if you can eat peanut butter, you can make them with pb instead.

Bev said...

need the recipe for the cinnamon almond cookies please!

3 Peanuts said...

I would like that cinnamon almond cookie recipe too. This is so timely L cause we are backtracking here into eating this way again. After TONS of testing we though Harry could have some gluten and dairy but he is not doing well. In fact, he is home sick today from school. We too are not making any grand announcements but just trying to go back to how we always ate. It is hard. Will wants junk food and he eats constantly being a 15 year old boy on swim team!

Good for you for jumping in with both feet. ALL of you will end up benefitting...I have no doubts!

Holly said...

Love to hear how this works out for your little man. Our Kendall has had some issues. We are no food dyes and preservatives right now. Works really well for us..when no one is cheating. :) I am thinking of going on a straight whole foods diet. We use raw sugar for the most part too, but I think we use too much though. You are inspiring me to have another look at our eating habits... uggh. :)

Beka McCay said...

YAY!! so excited for you guys!! It is true the more you learn about what is in your food, the more your diet will have to change. I love these websites:, 100daysofrealfood, and