Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Back

It's just been a mere FOUR months since my last blog post.  Not that anyone other than my father and grandmother have noticed, but 2013 is simply whirring by.

I'll be real honest.  There is almost no down time in my world.  And on those rare days when Mr. Sandman visits each child at the same time, I would prefer to plop on my crumb-infested couch and catch up on Project Runway.  I've finally finished season 3.  

Seriously though, I've spent the past few months reflecting on many things and sorting through the craziness that is our current life's stage.  I want to do this well.  There's only one shot at it.  And whether blogging fits in there somewhere was something I needed to pray about.

Right now, life requires a lot from me.  Sacrifice.  Patience.  Contentment.  Energy.  Determination.  And a great amount of prayer.

But, I've come to realize, these beautiful babies are worth it.

We just returned from a fun filled week at the beach.  And I am feeling a bit refreshed and re-energized. (Just a bit.)  

 Farewell, winter blues.  Spring has sprung.


Bev said...

for the record - I've noticed it's been 4 months too. but I believe you when you say you've been "a little busy", LOL
Glad y'all enjoyed your beach vacation! Beautiful family picture!

Carrianna said...

And I have noticed, too;) Glad y'all had a fun time! The kiddos are all so beautiful!