Wednesday, May 21, 2014


One of the reasons I decided to return to blogging was the unbelievable joy I found when I began the crazy process of reading through the past FIVE years of blog posts.

For several years, I have wanted to transfer this blog into a printed book.  It would make me feel better since none of my kids have a legitimate baby book.  I can just print off multiple copies and give them to the kids when they are married and actually interested in such stuff.

So, as I began to read through the funny stories, difficult days, and recaps of how God continues to move in our lives, I knew that the recording of this journey had to continue. 

In the 365 days that I was absent from the blogging world, so much has happened.  (My kids are a riot.). Thankfully, many of the snippets were recorded through Facebook and Instagram.  But I'm not sure I can diversify my memory making.  It's much easier to keep it all in one place so I remember where to find it.

Yesterday was one of those glorious memory-making days.  At least it started off as such.  My husband was away for a couple days at a conference.  This is certainly difficult but, at the same time, it has a few perks.  The biggest one is that I don't have to prepare an organized (and very late) dinner.  Instead, we get to eat bacon and eggs, some strawberries, and a few cucumbers around 5:30 and call it a night.

Yesterday afternoon, the kiddoes were running off some energy outside and enjoying the sunny but cool temperatures.  Eveley ran into the house and said, "Mom, you've got to come see this.  It's the cutest thing ever."  Now, you never really know what this may mean.  Her definition of "cutest thing" is not always in line with mine.  But this time, she was correct.

They had used their tinker skills to make a train out of plasma cars.  (Side note:  If you have a little one and have not yet been introduced to plasma cars, you are missing out.  These are awesome!  You can find the real deal here or the knock off version here.  We have one of each, and they are basically identical.)

Anyway, it was a beautiful site for a few minutes.  They giggled and wiggled as the leader-of-the-minute pulled them around the yard.  It also brought much disagreements as to who would be the next leader, how many trips around the minivan each person's turn included, and who had to double up.

In any event, it provided a few precious minutes of smiles and laughs.

Then, we got a little adventurous and tried this.

What can I say?  I failed physics.

End of the story:  Ryan had a few "boobies"  (this is what she calls boo boos), Caleb was mad, and Eveley was ready to go again.

The real point of the story:  They all were exhausted and were snoring by 7:30.

I'd say this constitutes another successful day of memory making.  We'll wear the helmets next time.


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3 Peanuts said...

I loved the video. YES, these are the memories we want to keep:) I am the same way lately about blogging. I want to make sure my intentions are the right ones. Also I want to use what precious time I have in the way God wants me to use it. But I agree when I look back at all of the special moments I have written bout with my kids. I know they will value it. I am glad you're back!!!

Katie Arnold said...

Thanks for sharing the update on FB so I could check it out! I love blogging!! I, too, love looking back at old posts (almost 7 years worth!) and want to print my blog out. Let us know if you do it and how it turns out!