Friday, January 8, 2016

Don't Do It!

I'm warning you.  Don't do it.  

Unless you are sufficiently medicated, or have a heart of ice, do not do it.

While preparing some Christmas gifts the past few months, I had the need to go back through my wonderfully organized and clearly categorized (ahem.) files of photos.  

Can you say HEARTBREAK?

How did this happen so fast?  

I know other people warned me to, "Enjoy them because they grow up so fast!"  But I thought they were just trying to be nice or to stop me from jumping off the cliff.  

I didn't realize they were serious.

The baby face fades.

The chubby cherub cheeks thin out.

The squishy legs lengthen.

The messes they got themselves into could easily be washed off in the bathtub.

And, sometimes, the light-filled eyes that promised to love me forever are replaced with a hard stare and a strong need to question my every word.

But here they go trying to grow up.

Seeking new adventures.


So, don't do it.

Don't let yourself realize the truth that time is passing us by.  Quickly.  These little precious and precocious people are growing up.

Once you realize it, you may just have to spend a few extra minutes at bedtime, sharing some motherly or fatherly wisdom and listening to their innocent and open hearts.

Or you may have to actually sit down and eat lunch with them, as opposed to throwing it on the table and using these few minutes to change out the laundry or to potty in peace.

Or you may have to increase your prayer time.  These kids are growing up in a pretty harsh world.  They will see and hear things in their young years that we did not experience.  They will need to be strong and brave and secure in our love for them.  And in God's love for them.  

They must know that He is sufficient for their every need, and only in Him will they be truly satisfied.

So, don't do it. 

Or you just may have to start the whole process over again and have another.

Hello, big fat baby cheeks and thighs.  I sure did miss you.

Just remember.  I warned you.


Diane Teague said...

Beautiful family! Congrats on your new blessing. She is beautiful.

Eveley Byrne said...

I love being able to see us when younger. Thank you so much for this!