Monday, August 18, 2008

On the Farm

Since Bob was going to be out of town this weekend, Eveley and I decided to take a road trip. We drove to TN to visit my family on the farm and had a wonderful time. Remember, give Eveley some dogs, chickens, and plenty of outdoor space, and she will have a blast!

The family dogs are always a huge hit. Condoleeza is my brother Will's chocolate lab "puppy."

On a side note: My brother got this pure bred lab for his birthday last year and was told that she is an extremely intelligent dog. Although a young teen, my brother is into politics and government. He watches Fox News and Bill O'Reilly at night and has said he wants to go to law school too. So, the dog's full name is Condoleeza Independence. I hope no one was offended by this. It was not intended to be demeaning.

Lilly (the golden retriever) is a wonderful dog and she never left Robbie's side when we went to visit.

I was sad to realize that I had not gotten nearly enough pictures. But it's hard to man the camera and chase after an energetic little girl. Eveley got to play with her counsins, Anna Lea and Layla. These are Rob and Beka's little girls (my brother and sister-in-law). Layla loved bossing "Ebby Joy" around!

We went to a beautiful park in Chattanooga on Saturday. Eveley got to run around, play in the sprinklers, ride on the carousel, and eat a sno cone!

Here is Eveley walking with my mom and my mom's mom (Eveley's namesake).

My college roommate and her family were able to stop by and see us. Again, I can't believe I didn't get a picture of me and Shana but here are some pictures of the kiddies.

Avery was born one week before Robbie. He's a cutie.

Alana is in kindergarten.


Anonymous said...

I told David the same thing, I can't believe we didn't get a picture together! I was so upset. It was great seeing you both!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED having my Ebby Joy (and her mommy) all to myself for a few days. I love you both, and Bobby Joe! I miss Robbie so much but know that we'll have all of eternity together!!!!!!!!!

The Curly Redhead said...

what a great time! one question: the dog is named Condoleeza????

Clare said...

i love the pictures of the animals! looks like you had an awesome time with family and friends. do you guys want to come over and play this week?? XO, Clare

Anonymous said...

Thank you for clarifying. I was completely offended at the dog's name. However, after your thorough explanation I am now content.

- kate

myboysrock said...

okay, I had to check the blog! Eveley is looking so grown up, I love the pictures...I can't believe how much she has grown in 3 months!!

Turnipseed said...

Lauren: We ran into David and Shana yesterday at lunch and I asked how you were doing. I have been one of those people who "couldn't get your family off my heart or mind". You have been in my prayers over the last year, and I was so excited when Shana sent me this link. I have spent the last hour (or more now) reading, laughing, and crying over the pages you put together (and I am tempted to try digital scrapbooking now). Thank you so much for sharing. Congrats on Baby Byrne Three. I can't wait to read about him. BTW- Sam says hello
-Robin T-seed