Monday, October 13, 2008

Texas Adventures II: Old Friends and a Good Samaritan

While we were in Texas visiting my sister, I was able to arrange a playdate with Kim and the littlest peanut! Kim suggested a fabulous park in the middle of the city. It was perfect, and the girls had a great time. The park had a neat playground with a "big girl" slide. I tried to dissuade Eveley from the slide but she was having none of that. She went straight for it, plopped down, and flew to the bottom.

The park also had a great sprinkler play area. Thank goodness! It was very hot!

It was so nice to be able to see Kim and Kate. We had a delicious lunch and then I got to go tour the Peanuts' new abode. That was tons of fun! I love looking at houses, and this one is simply gorgeous.

On our last evening, we took Eveley to get some yummy ice cream and play outside at a park. Unfortunately, I was too preoccupied with keeping up with her and the stroller that I left my wallet on a park bench. I did not realize this until we were back at Kate's apartment. She raced back to the park, but the wallet was not there. By this time, it was after 9:00 and my flight left the next morning at 10. I had nothing -- no driver's license, no cash, no credit cards, no checkbook. Everything important was in that wallet, including a generous gift card to Cold Stone that a friend had just given me!!

I immediately called Bob to cancel my credit card and checks and then called the airport to see what on earth I was supposed to do. They told me to bring any identifying information that I could and arrive early. I would have to go through extra security measures but was told that I would likely be able to board.

So, I got there early with my identifying information: my bottle of prescribed prenatal vitamins and my badge from the MOPS conference. Literally, that was all I had! I also tried to show off my monogrammed bag, as if that was an identifying piece of information.... Oh well, it couldn't hurt, I thought. They frisked me and Eveley. She was pretty confused with the whole procedure but maintained her calm. We were finally allowed to board and had no other issues getting home. What a relief!

The next day, I got a phone call from a police detective who informed me that some man had turned in my wallet. He went through the list of its contents. I suppressed the desire to ask if the Cold Stone gift card was there. But after he finished, I realized that everything was accounted for! Yippee! It is in the process of being mailed back to me, but I am so thankful for this honest man. I will get his information from the detective and thank him personally.

Hopefully, this will not be my last visit to Texas. But next time, we're driving!


Clare said...

Oh my Lauren, that is quite a story!! What a crazy day, I could see myself doing the same thing. Pregnancy brain, right?!!

I love the monogrammed bag as a piece of identifying information! That is making me laugh!

Talk to you soon, Clare

Shannon Self said...

Honk "Uhhh ohhhh"

April said...

aren't you glad you were in texas and not some yankee state where they keep wallets they find??? ;)

3 Peanuts said...

I am so glad your wallet was returned. We loved seeing you!!!!


Shannon Self said...

Check out my edited leadership blog...hahaha. It makes sense what you said, I dont want people to think that I that into myself..haha