Monday, November 16, 2009

Productive Week

Life is busy. Really busy. But I have finally finished it. Well, almost.

Remember this lofty goal.

It began as this

The dining room was turned into my craft room.

And after lots of 90-second sewing intervals, my project has finally become this.

I've still got to iron it and then pick out the fabric for the back. But the end is in sight. Maybe it will even be ready for Christmas??

And I had some scraps, so I made these.

I've started taping Eveley's walls, and we hope to paint soon. It's all coming together and will probably be done just in time to sell our house and move. Oh well...

And I'm not the only one with a little creative energy bursting out. We've had a very rainy week. But fortunately, my mother-in-law bought Eveley this awesome art kit when we were visiting. She sent us hone with an old vinyl window shade and told me to tack it to the wall and let Eveley go wild. Great idea!

I'm still working on my hairbraiding skills. But I had to get a picture of her cute kitty jacket!

Happy Fall Y'all!


Debbi said...

Lovely quilt! Lovely Evely!
The last picture - of Caleb - made me giggle.
What a cutie-patootie :)

Jon (dh) said...

Love the quilt! I started a much more simple one last week...Rachel A

Clare said...

love all of your projects!! the framed letters are great! we have been packing like crazy!!xoxo, c

From Paci to Pearls said...

I love how her intials turned out! So very cute! I am proud of you!!!

Joanna said...

I love the quilt! If you're on facebook, find me and check out my album of what I'm doing while Mark is gone to see my quilt insanity :) - Joanna