Monday, November 2, 2009

Dress Up

My favorite little monkeys! Caleb (2009) and Robbie (2005)

And I couldn't leave out my favorite Elmos Robbie & Parker (2006)


PRINCESS EVELEY and Curious Caleb

This was our first time doing the actual door-to-door trick or treating.

And Princess Eveley had been practicing all day long.

The princess shoes were for the birds, she decided, and these would be much more comfy!

She was so excited!

The Princess and her Prince Charming.

Glad we get an extra hour of sleep!


Carrianna said...

so precious! And I love her spider ring in that last picture. I won WAY too many of those at the fall festival

Kristen said...

Hey! Luke was a monkey this year too:) They look so to you soon!

Clare said...

i love it!! wasn't it so much fun?!

Anonymous said...

The guy that is Trick or Treating with Eveley, was he disguised as Gomer Pyle?

myboysrock said...

What a precious little princess and monkey!
And oh, how I love those Elmos :)

April said...

I remember being at the party at Kim's house when Robbie was wearing his monkey costume and he fell asleep in it...wasn't it at Kim's? Anna Kate was a little lamb and she slept most of the time, too! Having kids big enough to trick-or-treat seemed a LONG ways off back then! :)

Anonymous said...

What precious children you have! So sorry to hear about Robbie! I will be praying for you! My infant son died last winter from complications of RSV, and this journey is just incomprehensible. How did Robbie die?
Praying for blessings for your family as you heal.
Emma Beth Carter

Anonymous said...

P.S. I don't have a blog but am thinking about starting one for my son.