Monday, February 1, 2010

Week in Review

It started off as a normal, good week.

04/52 ~ January 24, 2010

We made it to church on time (big accomplishment) and remembered to pose for Project 52.

I went to my Bible Study on Tuesday. We are in our second week of Beth Moore's Believing God study, and it is awesome. I'm sure I'll be talking about it more.

Then things took a major turn.

To try and prevent myself from whining too much, I'll just summarize my week in numbers.

2: the number of sick children in my house
24: the number of Dora's we have watched
165: the number of apple juice requests...I mean, orange juice. No. Chocolate milk. I want Water! Where's my milk???
40: the number of forced medication episodes
11: the number of times I've had to clean up puke (sorry, mom)
4: off of myself

6: the number of bedsheet changes this week
0: the number of uninterrupted, sleep-filled nights
1 tired mama

Let's just say Miss Ev is not the sweetest sick patient. Bless her heart!

My sweet Caleb still finds the strength to laugh at the kids' new favorite show -- America's Funniest Videos. (at least it's not Dora...)

We did venture to the doctor on Friday. Eveley has bronchitis, and they both have ear infections.

I hate winter.

On the bright side

My hubby came home from work on Friday with a surprise.

He knew it had been a long, tiring, and hard week.

So, what did he bring?


A pizza?


My awesome hubby brought this home

We put the kiddies to sleep
and bowled,

Now, I'm tired ... and sore.



Kate said...

hahaha..i laughed out loud when i saw that picture of caleb laughing at America Funniest Videos...he follows after Bob's footsteps. well i hope everyone starts feeling better soon!

Clare said...

i love what bob brought home, so fun!! i am sorry you guys are all sick. it is the WORST!! we finally got over sinus infections, and now bradley is sick again. i am hating winter and all of this snow!

Jennifer said...

I'm with you. When I saw the list of school cancellations on the tv last night it was the last straw - I am officially over winter. No more snow and no more stomach viruses, please! I hope everyone at your house is feeling better.

Pilgrim Days said...

What I want to know is if you cried when he brought home the wii!!!;-)

Hope everyone is better!

Tabitha said...

I love this post! I cracked up so hard I had to read it out loud to Don so we could both laugh :-)
Hope everyone is feeling better soon!!

P.S. Our kids love AFV too :-)