Monday, June 7, 2010

The Last Box

One of the worst "chores" that we moms have, in my opinion, is definitely the task of switching clothes in and out each season. There's no use having a "winter" and "summer" closet like us adults. At this young age, it seems they stay in a certain size of clothes for 6 months if you're lucky...not to mention the shoes.

Having a boy and girl means that I do this project twice every 3 months or so. It is overwhelming and feels endless.

But since Caleb was born, one of the fun parts of this chore was pulling out the corresponding box of Robbie's clothes to sort through. As you moms know, each outfit brings back tons of smiles and memories.

Caleb was born in December, while Robbie was a May baby. So Caleb hasn't been able to wear everything of Robbie's. But I have still enjoyed going through the boxes nonetheless.

Caleb will be 18 months on Tuesday. Last week, I trudged through the basement closet to pull out the large bin marked "Robbie: 18m to 2T"

This was a hard box to go through. I expected it. Kinda.

This is the last box. And opening this box brought back all kinds of memories -- happy and sad. There were his snuggly pajamas, Christmas sweater, boots, tobogans, winter coat, and his little tennis shoes. I think those were the hardest.

I handled every piece of clothing as if it were an antique and even pressed them into my face hoping to find a familiar smell. But I did not wrestle with whether to pass them on to Caleb. It's not like I can display those little tennis shoes in my china cabinet.....or can I???

I enjoy seeing Caleb wearing some of his big brother's outfits. I laugh as I realize their differences and similarities. And I cry when I am hit by the harsh reality that there will be no more boxes to go through.


This is Robbie running around showing off his big belly! I remember this evening vividly and it ended in a group hug! (my sister was there to get the photo)

A lot has changed in 4 years. (My dining room sure looks better.) And Caleb is just as proud of his big belly. He was running around chasing -- or being chased by -- his big sis.

Beautiful boys.


Clare said...

i just pictured you going through all of that sweet clothing, and i can't even imagine. robby was so so beautiful!

Diane Teague said...

As I read this post I pictured you and said a prayer for you. I know it must be hard to have the reminders but aren't our memories a blessing also. You are truly a blessing to me. Your strengths and weakness are in inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I hate that job, too, but I can only imagine how you felt. My thoughts are with you.

Anonymous said...

How can we ever forget the little blue and orange coat, the striped tobogan, and those tennis shoes? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.......You're right, though. They're just things that little Caleb can use too. The real treasure is alive and well and waiting for you in the most glorious place - all safe and secure!!!!!God is great! The future is bright!

Anonymous said...

Only a mom who has experienced this could ever imagine the feeling. I think of our gracious Savior who ushered our dear Robbie into the very presence of God and then gave us Caleb as a symbol of His love for you and Bob. Hallelujah what a Savior! I love you, Lolly!

3 Peanuts said...

Lauren, I am sure it was so bittersweet. My heart and prayers go out to you. I know I don't have the words...but know I am thinking of you.

Kim said...

Lauren, What a beautiful post. It brought tears to my eyes and made me smile. You have such a gift at sharing your heart and we your readers have the privilege of benefiting from your insights.