Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Vacation 2010 - Part 2 {Disney}

I have never been before. Nope. Never. Not even as a little bitty girl.

No one can believe me, but it's the truth.

I have friends who went there on their honeymoon, those who plan vacations there each year, and some who even try to control their reproduction timing to ensure the trip there isn't inconvenienced.

Then, there are those moms. You know who I'm talking about. Those moms who research this destination for months in advance. They chart out the park, use different colored highlighters to mark their daily schedule, and buy fast passes off Ebay. The kids are briefed, the mom survival bag is packed, and they march into this place as if it's paradise waiting to be explored.

When I realized we would be staying so close to Disney while on vacation, I knew we had to work in a visit. Our kids are definitely not the "perfect" age for a Disney vacation. They are still young and unpredictable. But they both are fans of Mickey's Playhouse and all the Disney characters. And Eveley is totally in the princess stage. So we decided to go for it.

Given my uber-organized style, you may assume I would fall into that latter category of moms. But you would be wrong. We decided to go on a Monday hoping to avoid the weekend crowds. I coated the children in sunscreen, dressed them in cool, comfortable clothes and shoes, brought hats, a small cooler of juice boxes and snacks, and we were off.

We bought our tickets at the park, rented our $30 stroller, grabbed a map at the welcome center, and began to explore.

But it was hot. I mean really hot. Central Florida saw a week of record high temperatures and Monday was the hottest. It was in the high 90s with 100% humidity. There was absolutely no cloud cover or shade. The sun was boiling.

But when we walked into the Magic Kingdom and Eveley saw the castle, we knew it was worth the sweat and the hundreds of dollars we had just paid.

She was in heaven.

We hit the famous "It's a Small World" ride first (because there was no line and it was an indoor, air-conditioned ride).

The kids loved it. Then we walked back outside into the horrible heat, just long enough for a kind woman to hand us a "fast pass" to the 3D Mickey movie that was just getting ready to begin. I still had no idea what a fast pass was. She was a saint.

We walked right into the theater and loved the show (and the a/c). Then we rode the Carousel and took the train around the park. Eveley was excited to see Mary Poppins (or Mary Ann Poppins, as Eveley calls her??)

The kids had fun in Mickey's land where they got to tour his house.

Uhh.... take 2

After a potty break, it was 11:30 and everyone was on the verge of a breakdown....or meltdown.

Quick thinking, and a few suckers later, the kids were content. The sucker was definitely worth the $15 we spent on it.

I was beginning to lose hope that this would be a pleasant experience. It was just miserable. And then we heard the music. Without any purposeful planning, we had ended up on Main Street just as the huge parade was beginning. It was awesome! (I mean the kids thought it was awesome...) We saw all of our favorite Disney characters and tons of great dancers. It really was kinda magical.

As the parade wrapped up, the princess show outside the castle began. They had each of the famous couples from the Disney classics (Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White) along with Mickey and Minnie. There were tons of people crowding the street to see the show. But Eveley didn't care. She danced right there in the middle of them. I think she thought she was part of the show. So cute. And this stage will be gone very soon, I'm sure.

The show ended in fireworks, and we decided that was all we needed to see. It was 1:30. We took the train and headed back to our car.

We were just pulling out of the parking lot here.

We were so hot!! But Eveley had the time of her life and will never forget her first trip to Disney. (And I will never forget my first trip to Disney either...)


CMG's Mom said...

I was 35 my first trip!
Carter's first trip we did similar and just did one (very short, very hot, very un-impressed kid!) day at MK.
Eveley will have those memories, which are precious...she looks so happy!

Debbi said...

I've never been yet and I'm ... well ... I've never been yet! In fact, the only member of our family who has been is Bonnie - 3 times! - thanks to the Earls ...

myboysrock said...

Yeah disney! How long was the small world song stuck in your head?

3 Peanuts said...

Yeah...I am the mom you described planning our trip months in advance ....pulling the kids out of school, researching everything. We go in the fall when it is less crowded and hopefully less hot. But it seems like ti was all worth it for Eveley

Ani said...

You are brave souls braving the FL summer weather in the parks! We took our 2 1/2 year old the first week of December... It was the perfect weather, manageable crowds and all the holiday decorations were up. I planned our vacation like you described - with schedules and reservations ahead of time :-)
I LOVE Disney, but we haven't been back since and will probably wait until the baby is old enough to enjoy it.