Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Loving Life

I didn't realize it had been 2 weeks since I last posted. This doesn't mean there haven't been noteworthy happenings, but simply that I've been too busy loving on little ones to sit down and record them in detail.

Our MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) year started this past Thursday and I am serving as coordinator again -- another reason my blogging took a backseat. It's going to be a fantastic year, and I look forward to making new friends!

The theme this year is Loving Life ~ having the proper PERSPECTIVE, finding and fulfilling our PURPOSE, and being PASSIONATE about our calling. Mothering young children is a tough task, no doubt. It can be overwhelming most days. But it is also full of innumerable blessings and great Joy. We can never get this time back, so we are encouraging one another to Love Life!

I love my babies. They are a handful. Strong personalities. Awesome stink faces. But I wouldn't have it any other way. They keep me on my toes.

Sunday mornings always prove to be a little hectic in our house as we valiantly try to leave on time. I'm always missing a sippy cup, barrette, slip, or my piano notebook. And as much as I try to remain calm and "Christian-like," Sunday mornings have a way of getting the best of me.

I reached my limit last Sunday and yelled, "I am losing my mind!"

Eveley stuck her head out of the bedroom, put her finger on her chin, and said, "What color is it? Maybe you left it in the basement?"

I love those moments. It's like a big giant hand comes out of the sky and smacks me on the back of the head. So I try to take a breath, remember what is really important, and laugh. Laughter truly is the best medicine.

We have been busy doing a few craft projects.

Remember. If I am doing a craft, that means it is very simple, doesn't take a lot of skill or energy, and worth the effort. Here is one such craft:

I made a new strap cover for my camera. This was really simple and turned our cute! The pros suggest that you add batting inside for some cushion around your neck. But I am used to having a 35-pound toddler hanging off my neck, so a little camera doesn't even make me flinch.

I also made Eveley 3 new dresses (really 6 new dresses because they're reversible!). I can't wait to show you those but am going to make her pose in them for pictures tomorrow.

We spent the weekend enjoying this gorgeous weather. I took the kids on a bike ride (one at a time) but have no photos since I was the one doing the pedaling.

Our sweet neighbors have just announced that they are moving to Texas! They have 3 little ones and have decided to purge a lot of things before final packing. We've had several surprise deliveries of "treasures" for the kids. Eveley has been ecstatic!

Thanks to our neighbors, we played in a tent outside.

I realized that my little girl is growing up. She made it her "club" and then staked her "sign" that said "No babies allowed." (That meant Caleb)

Then the neighbors delivered a kangaroo.

Eveley was pretty upset when I wouldn't let Caleb ride in her "couch" - that is "pouch" to you National Geographic buffs.

I pray you all are LOVING YOUR LIFE. (And if you're not, go make that cake I mentioned below and things will definitely improve!)



Anonymous said...

Love your Blog...and I made the cake for my Son's 11th birthday!What Adorable Kids you have...

Clare said...

love all of your crafts and hearing about you guys. we need to meet up sometime when MOPS and things settle down! please tell me about the dresses, is it hard? i have a sewing machine, but have never done a thing with it. i don't even really know how to turn it on. would it be hard for me to do for ellie?

DiJo said...

Hi Lauren,
Kim's friend Diana here!!! I just wanted to stop by and give you a "hug" from MN!! Thank you for sharing your faith with Kim.. And, for inspiring ALL who hear your testimony!


3 Peanuts said...


Hope all is well.
I posted about your and your incredible impact on my faith last night:)