Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Catching Up

Yes, I admit. I've been a lousy blogger lately. But I have a good excuse. Really! I have been working on several things that are taking my time. Really cool things. You will have to wait to hear about them. But I'm excited. =)

I have also been busy with my crafty self. (cue laughter.) I'm not one who decorates her house seasonally. No changing out wreaths or mantle decorations throughout the year. Probably has something to do with my Efficiency OCD. Christmas is the only season that seems to warrant such time and energy.

But, in the name of MOPS, I did find this cute fall craft that definitely will help to spruce up a few things around here and get us in the fall spirit.

You begin with toilet paper. Of course.

Wrap it in some old newspaper. (or your husband's Bass Pro Shop mailer before he notices...)

Get a fat quarter of material (these measure roughly 18 x 22 and are sold separately at most craft stores or you can buy fabric off the bolt and cut it appropriately).

Pull up the edges of the fabric around your TP and stuff it into the top. It's easiest to start with shorter sides and finish with the longer corners.

Stuff a stick into the middle. Tie a bow around the stick.

That's it. No glue gun. No stitching. No special tools.

And oila! You have a cute little pumpkin for your mantle or side table. Make several in coordinating fabrics and you have officially "decorated" for fall!

I mentioned last post that I had been working on several pinafores for Eveley. These are some of my favorite pieces. They are great year-round and can be worn with leggings, pants, shorts, long-sleeve, short-sleeve...you get the idea. And, best of all, they are reversible. Two cute tops in one.

I used to buy these from a cute little Esty shop. Then I decided they looked simple enough that I could probably make them. In a couple of hours, I had made 3 pinafores -- giving Eveley 6 new tops. So cute!

Here are a few pictures:

(this shows the back)

(one for fall)

She modeled her first last weekend at our city's Family Day at the Races. This was a wonderful event, and we were so excited to be invited by some friends to attend for the first time. It consisted of awesome horse racing, pony rides, great food, and open fields for the kids. It was a great day.

We thought things were going to get ugly as little Caleb was showing signs of his no-nap day. Then, our host Jenn -- a.k.a. the smartest woman in the world -- set up an art table with crayons and horse coloring books. Sweet Caleb must be a budding artist.

He is OBSESSED with crayons and markers and will sit for an hour (literally) coloring his masterpiece. This shouldn't come as a surprise since both of Caleb's grandmothers are artists. (it must skip a generation...)

Finally, Eveley and I "modeled" some awesome t-shirts at MOPS last week given to us by 1 Eighty - a Christian clothing company.

We were introduced to this company at the MOPS convention. Check them out! They have great designs.

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Anonymous said...

Your hair looks so cute! Love the MOPS shirts. Cute craft idea, too. Miss you guys!


Bargain B said...

great craft idea...may have to try that one myself :) awesome job on the sewing!! love the "do" and of course the kids r as cute as ever!
thanks for sharing!

sara's art house said...

I love the pumpkins!

Clare said...

love that pumpkin craft! i am going to have to make some of those now:)

you look great Lauren, and I am so glad I got to see you at foxfields, we need to get together asap:) i miss you:)

aprildt said...

LOVE the pumpkins, LOVE the little tops, LOVE the tshirts and definitely LOVE your hair!!!

3 Peanuts said...

YOU are oh so crafty...LOVE all of the crafts!