Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Excitement

It is the early morning of Christmas Eve, and I've been awake for a good while. Can't sleep. I feel like a kid because I'm so excited about Christmas! Traditions. Family. Friends. And I can't wait to see the little monkeys' faces on Christmas morning. So much fun.

Growing up, we didn't do the whole Santa thing. My parents did not discourage it in the least, but none of us really got it. I think we are all big realists, and it just didn't make any sense to us. But Eveley is definitely in to Santa this year. She has watched Rudolph and Frosty and has already informed me that we must leave Santa a plate with 4 cookies tonight.

She had a pretty rough afternoon yesterday -- major tantrum and stinky attitude. I thought I may try and use this Santa thing to my advantage, so I mentioned that Santa only delivered presents to children who were sweet and loving. That did it. She said, "Oh NO! Am I going to be on the naughty list?" Hmm... Didn't even have to mention that one.

But I did remind her that the most important thing about her bad behavior was that it made Jesus sad. He wanted her to obey her parents and speak sweetly. She got the message and shaped up.

Our young family hasn't developed too many traditions yet, but there are a few that I am trying to implement around Christmas.

First, I am writing our children Christmas letters each year -- just taking the chance to recap the year, remind them (and me) of their growth and experiences, and reinforce how much their parents love them. I started this when Robbie was 1 and definitely enjoy reading back over that letter.

Next, I get the kids Christmas pajamas that they open and wear on Christmas Eve. Nothing huge, but kinda fun. We also get them each an ornament of their own, which they opened last night.

As a child, Christmas Eve was sooo exciting. I am the oldest of 5, and we would usually all sleep together in the same room and talk unto the wee hours of the night. Then the first one to wake up would rouse the rest of us and we would race into mom and dad's room for the Christmas story. Once we read Luke 2 together, then we could go into the living room for presents. (We usually picked our sister Carrianna to read the story since she read the fastest!) Great memories indeed.

Time sure flies.

Christmas 2009

Now, I am the parent and on the other end of the excitement. We will have our Christmas Eve service at church tonight and then spend the evening assembling and wrapping the presents.

I love this time of year and all the memories and excitement it brings. But I love it especially because we are celebrating the birth of true HOPE and LOVE.


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I love that you picked the sister who read the funny!!