Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Halls are Decked

Yes, it is true. We just put up our Christmas tree and decorations, and it is the 16th. But, since my motto was "Too Blessed to be Stressed" I made a conscious decision to do things when the time was available. The past two weeks have been spent focusing on Christmas parties for MOPS, Bob's office, and church; shopping, planning, and loving on the little ones.

As you probably know, Christmas shopping with a 3 and 2 year old is pretty tough. Add in freezing temperatures, and it is darn near impossible. But I am close to the finish line and am hoping to finish this weekend when I have a babysitter (ahem...or at least when my hubby will be home).

Bob came home a little early Wednesday night and took Eveley to pick out a tree. She is definitely in a different stage this year, and has been over-the-top excited about every aspect of Christmas.

{And, somehow, Caleb got the memo that he has just entered the terrible two stage.}

Since it was too late to complete the actual decorating, we let Eveley put on the star and then promised her we would complete it this morning.

{Eveley starting the tradition last year. But I did not realize Bob also had his specific attire for the event!}

And she did not forget the promise. Before 7:00, I was awakened from a deep sleep by a little mangy girl begging me to put on the lights.

I forget how much fun it is to go through the box of ornaments, which is now quite big. There are many memories attached to each one. And although I'm just certain I will never forget the details, I am afraid that is not reality and it is best to record them now.

1. A gift to Eveley from Marmee
2. Our angel Eveley Joy
3. Eveley Joy's ornament (obviously)
4. This was a gift from Marmee to Robbie because of his great love for Aunt Beka's huge Christmas sugar cookies. He surprised us on Christmas Eve when he came into the living room chowing down on the cookie he managed to grab off of the kitchen bar.
5. This is from the Homestead, a resort nearby where we have taken many family trips together.
6. Caleb's first ornament (given by some sweet friends) when he was just a week old. And the second is an ornament remembering Robbie (see #13).
7. S'mores ornament given to Robbie by our aunt and uncle.
8. I made several of these 2 years ago and gave them as gifts to our immediate family and a few friends.
9. This was a gift from a sweet MOPS friend for my first Christmas without Robbie. I love it because that was really how I hugged him -- completely enveloped -- and he would lay his head on my shoulder.
10. Gift for Robbie's first Christmas.
11. A reminder of the reason for the season
12. Eveley Joy's ornament, reminding us of the angels that announced Jesus' birth and those who will announce the beginning of eternity.
13. A gift from another sweet MOPS friend (along with #6) my first Christmas without Robbie. She gave these type of ornaments to a group of us with our children's names on them, and I was so blessed that she remembered both Robbie and Eveley. (This was before Caleb) :)
14. The first ornament given by my mom to Robbie for his 2nd Christmas. You can see it in his Christmas card pictures, since this was the only way he would sit still.

15. A gift to Eveley Joy reminding us of her love that year for candy!
16. Robbie's ornament from Marmee because of his absolute love for dogs (they're even on his Christmas stocking).
17. This ornament is from the Greenbrier, a beautiful resort where we spent Christmas 2007 with Eveley. This was our first Christmas without Robbie and we knew we had to do something very special. It was absolutely lovely and helped us make some good memories even though it was a difficult Christmas.

It is fun to look back on these special memories, and it also makes me excited of all the other memories that are yet to be made. And we need to catch little Caleb up with some new ornaments this year.

Now our house looks and smells like it's Christmastime.



Ani said...

What a beautiful tree! I love that each ornament holds a story - I've tried to do the same for our kids, every year I get a family ornament, and one for each kiddo. Also, when we go on vacation, I try to get something to remember the times spent away as a family. Its so fun to put each on the tree and talk about what it means for our little unit.
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, Lauren!!! I love all of the ornaments with comments. :) jg

Jennifer said...

I love the photos of the ornaments! What a great idea. Have a fun weekend enjoying all your hard work!