Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I am just giddy! Bob and I are heading out for a second honeymoon (or babymoon) and we can hardly wait.

We had talked about the need to get away - sans kids - before the baby was born. When we found out it would be babIES coming, we accelerated the planning process.

I am quickly becoming enormous and didn't want to be too uncomfortable for the trip. And we knew that it would be a little risky to travel too close to the due date.

So, we are packing the suitcases ...

and dropping the kids off at my parents' house. I have been telling Caleb that he is going to rehab. (This is what I'm calling it, since he will be without the iPhone for an entire week. I'm depending on my mom to fully rehabilitate him!)

Bob and I are preparing for our first flight together since our Hawaiian honeymoon in 2003. (Can you believe that? We both have flown many times since then but never together.)

Bob is a vacation research fanatic, and this trip is planned to a T. Our motto is "Go big and then go home." We are facing the reality that this will likely be our last chance for some peaceful alone time for the next several years. We are holding nothing back!

We will be flying into San Diego.

I am totally excited about the flight! Five hours sitting next to my hubby. A button to signal someone when I need a beverage or a snack. The chance to watch two awesome movies that we have been dying to see. And an opportunity to even catch a cat nap. I can't wait.

We are staying here for the first part of the week.

And we are ending up here for the last part!

You will find me here.

We will also be visiting him.

Bob has already warned me not to stare. But I am an admitted people watcher. I love it! It's fascinating. And to be in Beverly Hills -- during Oscars week! -- I'm sure there will be much to see. So I am bringing a big pair of sunglasses and a book that I've already read (so I can pretend to be reading instead of gawking).

I am looking forward to:

dictating my own sleep schedule
enjoying an entire cup of coffee while it is hot
having someone make my bed
not cooking
not wiping any bottoms
eating a meal uninterrupted
wearing perfume

I know I will miss my monkeys terribly. But they will be having a blast and making great memories with the grandparents and cousins. I doubt they'll even miss us. =)



Amanda said...

I'm SO jealous, but no one deserves it like you. Hope you have a fabulous, relaxing, lazy time! We'll miss you Thursday! xoxo

3 Peanuts said...

I am so happy for you Lauren!!!! And I am envious too:) I cannot wait to read all about it. Pretend you are the paparazzi and take photos of the stars!

aprildtaylor said...

not even fair :P but Lord knows your are definitely goin'a need it! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

YAY you!!! hope you have a wonderful relaxing vaca!

Anonymous said...

Man, you guys are going all out! I can't imagine what the week of baby sitting for two kids is going to cost you$$$$$$$$$$$---not to mention the trip! WOW!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you (though terribly jealous about the swimming pool pictures & lounge chairs...)
Poor Caleb, going to rehab...

Travel safely & we'll be praying for you all. See you next month - LOL

Bev, Rocky & Rem

andrea said...

Oh lauren Soo eXciting!!

have a blaSt!!