Monday, September 19, 2011

Final Piece

Well, the final piece of our family puzzle {at least for this year} was safely put into place last week.

Congrats to my sister Kate and her husband Oscar.

Welcome Camden Beau Heidbreder.

What a cutie!

My parents are in Texas now visiting little Beau and loving on mama Kate.

Let the good times begin!

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Kelly said...

Lauren, am so happy for your sisters and he looks so adorable and has lots of hair too cute!

Care said...

He is so cute! I can't wait to get all of these babies together!!

Lauren Avery said...


merlin said...

Thank you for sharing the blessings in your life with us. Babies bring such joy. I thought you could have equally titled the post "final Piece/Peace" because truly all those healthy babies bring peace along with their joy. God is good.
All those cousins to gather together over the years, it's going to be a ride!
Remembering Robbie, as you celebrate.