Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Day in the Life of ... ME

Remember these sweet angels?

Don't they look so calm and peaceful?

My girlfriend has been begging me to "capture" my days on camera.  She thinks our life must be so fascinating.

Well, fascinating is not the word I would use to describe it.  

The monkeys are mobile and very mischievous.  And with my girlfriend's prodding and my husband's daily question of "What did you do today?", I decided to do my best to capture our day (at least with 50% of the crew).

I have to be creative and engineer some defenses around the obvious hazards.  

The fireplace is a favorite -- especially because it is filled with teeny tiny rocks they want to chew on.

When they find the fireplace area blocked off, they head straight for the cabinet full of electronics.

Don't think that it is just sweet Ryan that is a mess.  
Try to find her brother.

 He immediately responds to my "No" and backs away.

But it's too late.  He has revealed the secret passage to the fireplace and his sister is off again.

Another of their favorites -- which I don't have to fortify -- 
is the piano

They love playing duets.

And where did Sir Jack go???  

Well, he was either here

or here.

Don't think I'm a softie and just let these angels run all over me.

We are working on discipline over here.  To see Sergeant Mom in action, just watch me discipline Jack for spitting his squash all over the place.



3 Peanuts said...

Um...yeah.... Jack REALLY takes you seriously in that video Lauren!!!!! I have to tell that I laughed out loud at that. He is hysterical!!!

I do not envy the choas that fills your day but oh my those little ones are cute and every season of their life brings different joys. I might not contend with chewing fireplace rocks right now but the antics of a 15 year old are not much fun most days either.

i know you are doing a great job.


Jenn said...

You are a great mom! Even when the little guy is laughing at your stern discipline! Keep up the good work, friend!!!

Diane Teague said...

Too Cute! You are a great mom.

merlin said...

I loved this post. Loved it so much I shared it with my husband, so he could re-live fond memories through your pictures. I paused at first picture with the "sweet angels" followed by "calm and peaceful" and he said 'oh, no, look at their eyes, look at the determination' He was more than prepared for the antics that followed. And I thought back to some of their newborn pictures where the one twin is flipping the bird, it confirms that the angels come into the world with their personality raring to go. It is our job to enjoy! You made my day, and my husband's, but letting us remember such a fleeting, challenging, exhausting, funny, maddening, delightful stage of parenting.

Sally said...

Love this!

Anonymous said...

what cute, funny, adorable, curious, happy, and entertaining little buggers they are. Grandma Fran

Clare said...

i love you showing us your life!! it looks amazing and perfect and crazy, that's how I like things these days too!! jack looks adorable and really worried about your telling him NO:)