Monday, May 7, 2012

Double Rainbow

Have you ever seen a double rainbow?

A rainbow is beautiful enough.  But a double rainbow can really take your breath away.

The rainbow was a sign given by God as a reminder of His promise to never destroy the earth by water again.  It was a reminder that He had a plan for this world which would involve Redemption through Christ.  It was a reminder that He is holy, that He loves His children, and that He will sacrifice everything to bring them to Himself.

One of the most amazing things about our God is that He is a personal God.  He doesn't just spew out goodness from His throne in heaven, letting it fall wherever it may.  Instead, He knows each of our hearts, hears each cry, and desires to communicate with us specifically and individually.

Here is my double rainbow.

The gift of each of our children has been a beautiful and miraculous thing.  Each one has been intricately woven together by our God and given to us at a specific time and for a specific purpose.

And, for me, another miraculous God-moment was when we welcomed this double blessing into our family.  I have said it before, but the gift of these two munchkins felt like a tangible bear hug from God.

After Robbie went to heaven, I begged God for a "sign."  I understand that may sound weird to some -- and seemed weird to me at the time.  I am well aware that faith is the opposite of sight.  And maybe that shows my weakness at the moment.  But as a mama who had tenderly cared for this little boy for nearly 20 months, I just wanted to be able to rest knowing that Robbie was now in his Father's ultimate care.

I'm not sure what I expected.  It would have been nice for the sky to open up to reveal a glimpse of my little one in all heaven's splendor.  But, even then, I would have probably assumed I had passed out and was dreaming.  I have a tendency to be a bit skeptical and put God in my comfortable box.

But I did begin to pray specifically for twins -- something I had actually prayed for before we ever had children.

On January 19, 2011 -- 4 years to the date of our little boy's funeral in Tennessee -- and 24 weeks into this pregnancy, we were given the awesome news that we were having 2 babies!  Amazing.

My double rainbow.

We have watched the beauty of this double rainbow for a whole year and are still amazed by our personal God and His great love for each of His children.

1 Month

2 Months

3 Months

4 Months

5 Months

6 Months

7 Months

8 Months

9 Months 

10 Months

11 Months

12 Months

"I had heard of you by the hearing of my ear, but now I see you."  Job 42:5

What is your double rainbow?



Jenn said...

Love that 6 month photo! What a face on Miss Ryan Elizabeth. And poor Jack... don't think I've ever seen him like that! So hard to believe they are turning one!

Hmmm, my double rainbow? I'll have to think on that some more ;-)

Kelly said...

Lauren, I love it god bless you and all your beautiful children!

Elizabeth Killian said...

Love, Love, Love everything about this post!!! Happy birthday, sweet Jack and Ryan. Their expressions are always priceless!

Amy said...

Lauren, this post just made my morning! Like the rest I can't believe they are turning 1. But I know you have enjoyed every moment since their birth (and before :)) and will continue to treasure them. You are an amazing mother and such a gift to all those who know you. Your children and husband are blessed to have you. If anyone deserved a double rainbow, it was you! Thank you for sharing your heart and your love for the Lord. Smiles -

Anonymous said...

To God be the glory! Great things HE has done! Marmee

merlin said...

My double rainbow: My only sibling, a brother tragically died weeks after graduating,although the laws of genetics would dictate that I would not bear a son to resemble him, God is greater, some days I still can't believe it, and then of top of miracle #1, we had a bonus boy. A double blessing. Job of the Bible is my favorite for encouragement, I feel like Job a lot of days with my blessings. I like your perspective that we have a double rainbow. God is good, even in the darkness and storms of life.

You have a beautiful (and handsome) double rainbow! Happy first birthday wishes.

Bev said...

Happy Birthday to our precious double rainbow babies. They are growing so fast they take my breath away. thank you for sharing them with us!

Ben and April said...

This is such a beautiful post!! Love all the pictures of your sweet babies!

April said...

I am thinking of yall today on this very special day of Robbie's birth. Love and hugs to yall. Wish we could be with you! love, april