Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Merry

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

from our 

LARGE and CRAZY family


The real deal.

For the first time in several years, my entire family was together on Christmas Day.  Twenty of us.

9 grandchildren.

2 awesome grandparents.

4 in-laws.

And a puppy.

The original Fab Five.

What originally began as this, has morphed into quite a bit larger and louder family.

{This is me and my 4 siblings recreating a family photo from the old days.  I am the oldest, and my brother Will (sitting on my lap) is the youngest (but biggest)}

My parents had a photographer come out to the house on Sunday afternoon to try and capture some family photos.  It was a zoo.  But we were amazed at the good pictures he was still able to capture!

My sweet nephew Beau.

My handsome nephew Wyatt (and Caleb's very best friend)

Eveley with her cousins Layla and Anna Lea (her very best friends)!

My sweet nephew Reese and the new family puppy.  He was a huge hit.

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amomwithnails said...

Beautiful family! And your mom is still the youngest grandma I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

Loving Ryans pigtails and be sure to tell Ev that Ms Bev loves her boots!

Kelly said...

Love it, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your wonderful (whole) family!!!

Lori M. Heath said...

Love, love, love these photos. I have always adored your entire family. I loved it when I got to go to your house and see how so many people lived together in one place. There were so many amazing and exciting things going on all the time. It was so much better than my life as an only child! I think what amazes me most is how stunningly beautiful/handsome each of you are! How do you have that many people and their not be an ugly one in the bunch? lol! More importantly each of you are just as beautiful on the inside! Again, I will always adore this family!

Anonymous said...

I love how Eveley just sits there and smiles while everyone else is fighting!

Lauren Gudalis

BumbersBumblings said...

Gorgeous family!