Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wrapping up 2012

Yes, I know 2012 is now a thing of the past, but we tried to enjoy every second of December -- which means I am just getting around to blogging about it.

taken by my talented friend, Jenn

We had a wonderful holiday season, just a little bit of stress but a whole lot of fun.

The last week before Christmas was quite a blur.  The kids -- all 4, at 4 different times, were very sick.  And since we spent the week of Christmas in Tennessee, our family Christmas morning was postponed until December 29.   

But the change of date didn't lessen the excitement at all.

Christmas morn.

One of the elves.
With her many dramatic expressions.


Yes, we realized on our "Christmas Eve" - Dec. 28 - that we had run out of the Christmas wrapping paper.  So we ended up with this polka dot remnant and some Whole Foods brown paper bags.

I try to take advantage of the Christmas season to spread a little cheer -- reach out to neighbors, friends, teachers, and even strangers who we come across.

Usually, I make oodles of batches of this .  Nothing says 'I love and appreciate you' more than homemade caramel popcorn.

But, with our new food habits, there was no way I could continue this tradition unless I did it at midnight when the family was sleeping.  (But I am afraid that even the smell would have awakened them.)

So, this year, we tried to go a different route and we nixed the food gifts.

Instead, we put together some pretty bags of Christmas smells.  I included a little bit of orange, lemon, lime, cranberries, cloves, and cinnamon sticks.  Eveley and I stuffed about 40 of these!  But once we put this into a saucepan and simmered it on the stove, we were definitely in the Christmas spirit.  Smells wonderful.  And I'm sure it will help get you through the January blues too if you need a boost.

The next things we did for Eveley's and Caleb's teachers and some friends was to decorate some rosemary trees.  These turned out so cute, and the kids really enjoyed this little "craft project."

I don't know about you, but I always keep the toiletries and samples provided at hotels.  We have stayed at quite a few luxurious resorts over the years, and I always pack away the bathroom stash each day so the staff will replenish them the next day.

As a result, I have quite a few travel sewing kits.  These worked perfectly. They had just the right amount of thread already threaded onto a needle.  We bought several packs of different sized pom poms.  The kids had fun picking out a pattern and then trying to replicate it.  When they were finished, we wound the garland around the trees and topped them with a little bow.  Hopefully, our friends enjoyed this festive and smelly tree and will continue to use the dried rosemary throughout the year.  

And 2012 wouldn't be complete without a trip to the ER.  

My big New Years Eve started out with a trip to the gym.  The kids were in childcare making fun NYE crafts and playing their little hearts out (while I was spinning my little legs off in the pedal and kettle class).  I was notified that little Jack took a spill and did a face plant off of the little ladybug car.  (He's a daredevil.)  

He ended up with a fat lip and a bloody nose.  No big deal.

Or so we thought.

On our way home from the gym, Jack kept nodding off.  And then he threw up.  We arrived at home and I got everyone into the house.  Jack threw up again.  

I knew that was a concern after a head injury (because I had quickly googled it), so I called Bob.  He came home and took Jack immediately to the hospital.  Poor little thing continued to throw up throughout the day and was completely lethargic.  

They did a CT scan and concluded my little tough dude had a concussion (but no other major trauma or issues, thank Jesus).

This is without any sedative or meds.

The little man slept on my chest the rest of the day, and almost rang in the new year with us.

Thankfully, he seems to be as good as new.  We are just keeping an eye on him (and Caleb) to try to prevent any other injury.

Cheers to 2013!

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BumbersBumblings said...

Love the Christmas smells idea! And the trees---soo cute. Glad your little guy is okay!!

Frapper said...

So glad your little one was okay--you always worry with a head injury. Love your little rosemary trees and the potpourri--can you post the recipe for the potpourri--it's so pretty!