Monday, September 15, 2008

Help Wanted!

The time has come. Eveley is growing up, and I'm afraid she's getting bored with me!

I remember clearly when Robbie hit this mark too. He no longer was interested in squeaky and crinkly toys or chewing on things. He had matured beyond his toy stash. So, I took him to the store and got him several "older toys." We bought a big dump truck, tool bench, and a safari jeep that made all sorts of animal sounds.

Eveley appears to be feeling the same way. And I am having a hard time finding the right toys for her. I organized the playroom this week and separated out all of the "baby" toys to save for baby #3. Eveley loves books and that has been my saving grace. We can read books all day long. She has puzzles and magnets that she enjoys too. But I need her to have a few toys to help her play independently. And the other requirement -- they can't take up too much room. I can't turn my entire house into a daycare!

So, Eveley has resorted to finding her own play gyms throughout the house. She is a true monkey!

(This is why we can no longer leave a chair pushed away from the table.)

When I called her out, she blew me a kiss.

And this time, she tried to appease me by offering me some of her fruit loops.

Everytime I turn the corner, she is finding another new place to play. And she loves to find things just her size that make the perfect chair.

So, I am soliciting any advice you have to offer. How have you helped transition your playroom as your children go through the various stages?? We are planning to get her a kitchen set for Christmas (if I can hold out that long)!


Anonymous said...

Yes, a kitchen with plates, cups, fake food, etc. Also a little table with chairs and a baby highchair for her baby doll. Lauren was also very into purses and things that can fit into purses like fake makeup or jewelry. :) We're loving watching her grow up!

Jenna and fam

Turnipseed said...

I need the answer to this question as well! Caleb is 2, and I have been saying for months, that he is bored out of his mind. I am afraid for the cold weather that is coming. So, hopefully I can learn from these comments. Lauren, I read your blog weekly, and continue to keep you guys (and the new little one) in our prayers.

Clare said...

Hey Lauren, we are just going through this too, with Bradley coming up on two years old! You know we have the sunroom as our playroom and I just took a bunch of toys downstairs. MOstly rattles and such, but a bunch of baby type fisher price toys too.

Recent toys that I have bought that bradley has LOVED:

potato head, they have spud heads and come in a small carrier, he has played with these a lot!

wooden train stuff (I think girls would like this too) He is really starting to get into pushing around smaller things, and being a little more gentle with stuff

slide, we have a small slide that we keep in the house. it is great for gross motor skills and it isn't all dirty.

i will think of more and email you!