Monday, September 22, 2008

New Season = New Shoes

The weather is changing and, in our neck of the woods, it's been just perfect. Beautiful, sunny days and nice, comfortable temperatures. I love this time of year. But, along with the changing temperatures, comes the change in wardrobe. As a mom, you not only have to stress about your seasonal style but have to make sure your children have all the right-sized clothes for this time of year.

That is a huge task! The older the children get, the smaller the baby-shower stash is. And now I'm actually having to go out and shop for Eveley's full fall wardrobe. Girls are much more difficult. There are shoes, tights, bloomers, hairbows, coats, hats! Aaahh!

Eveley has outgrown every pair of shoes. Her little toes just hang over her sandals right now. So I purchased her first addition to the fall wardrobe - new shoes! They are a little big right now but fit pretty well with a pair of socks. She loves them and immediately wanted to wear them around the house.

Outfitting a boy was much easier. Just some jeans, khakis, a few rugby shirts, and a pair of dress and play shoes, and he was set. I do remember buying Robbie his first pair of "big boy" shoes. He too wanted to wear them around the house (but that was all he wanted to wear)! I couldn't even get the tag removed first!

(Had to make Robbie a grass skirt with my scrapbook program!)

He would have preferred to wear his "milkin' boots" everywhere he went!

What is it about my kids and wearing pants!!


Clare said...

Oh Eveley was so cute with her shoes on!!! I hear you about all of the fall shopping. Just picked up a few more things at target this morning for the little bugger boy:)

Robbie is tooo cute in his 'milkin' boots!

Foxy said...

Those shoes are so cute

Heather said...

No worries, about the pants, they're optional around here too (well, for ths kids NOT for me :D) At any given time you will find my boys in various stages of undress, so, you may want to call first. But let's face it, the kids are just taking a page from Annie (the movie) "you're never fully dressed without a smile (and your shoes!)

3 Peanuts said...

So cute...I just got Kate some new shoes too---so fun....cannot wait to see you soon:)

April said...

i hear you on kids and wearing pants...that is just hilarious.

jon loved seeing bob, too!!! i wish i could have come. i really hope that we'll get to meet up when you're in big d...keep me posted on your schedule :)

Anonymous said...

Robbie looks like Rob in the picture with the boots. So cute. And the toes hanging over the sandals sounds like someone else I know =) I miss that talan!
Love ya,