Friday, December 19, 2008

Divine Design

I just had to show off my homemade stockings. Please do not click to enlarge! =) The order is: Bob, Eveley Joy, Robbie, Caleb, and me. Eveley's has Christmas trees and "Joy" all over and Robbie's has Christmas dogs! Caleb's is kind of generic because I had not even met him yet when I picked out his fabric!

I hope to take some individual pictures of our ornaments for a later post. We have been given so many special ones by friends and family and I'd love to document it all. This may have to wait until after Christmas!

Caleb Robert was born on December 8. As I hinted at earlier, this was a very significant date. First of all, it was my paternal grandfather's birthday (my dad's dad). Daddy Paul, as we called him, was a wonderful, fun-loving grandfather who loved his grandchildren. He would often slip me a few dollars ("mad money" as he called it) when I would be home from college and you could see the sparkle in his eyes as he was able to bless and love on me. He passed away during my senior year of college.

Maybe it's not too random for your child to be born on your grandfather's birthday. But how about doing this twice?? Robbie was born on my maternal grandfather's birthday. Poppy was very pleased to have his first great grandchild born on his birthday. So, my two sons were born on my two grandfather's birthdays. Pretty neat, right?

December 8 is very significant for another reason. Robbie went to heaven when he was 10 days shy of turning 20 months old. On December 8, Eveley Joy was 10 days shy of turning 20 months old.

In the past, I had wondered about the time when Eveley would "pass" her brother's age and we would begin to experience new stages with her. On this very day, the Lord brought Caleb Robert into our family. For Bob and me, this has reminded us that the Lord redeems.

I find myself to be a "skeptic" in some ways, hesitating to identify or interpret "signs". But I must say that this birthdate will serve as a reminder of God's goodness, His sovereignty, and His great love for us, His children. In this special way, God was reminding us that our pain has not gone unnoticed. And this large master plan that has been crafted by our loving Father is far too beautiful for us to comprehend.

Job 19:46 "I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end He will stand upon the earth."


april t said...

Of course you know we all clicked the pic. to enlarge :) and the stockings are great...I'm still looking for the perfect ones, maybe I should attempt to make some...yeah right are you kiddin' me, my mom left me know talent!
Glad to see ya'll are doin' good! Merry Christmas!

Clare said...

beautiful post lauren! i love the signifigance of his birth, so speacial, and definitely more than just a sign of the wonderful things to come for your family! the stockings are beautiful!! good job mama:)

3 Peanuts said...

Oh Lauren...this is so significant. I love how God whispered to your soul on this special date.