Thursday, December 11, 2008

Where to Begin?

I have no idea where to start, so I'll begin with pictures!

I cannot begin to tell you what a whirlwind Caleb's birth was. My due date was actually the 9th but, like most women, I was hoping he would come early. And my mom came into town on Saturday to help with Eveley.

On Monday, I began my day at the DMV. My driver's license had expired on my birthday, and I had to renew. I then headed to the doctor's office for my appointment. He told me I was 3 cm dialated and said the baby could come anytime. We decided to try and walk around a lot that day so my mom and I finished some Christmas shopping ate a yummy lunch at Long John Silvers!

That evening, Bob and I put Eveley to bed around 7 and then sat down to watch Jon & Kate plus 8. I had been having some cramping on and off but that was it. At 9:01, the contractions started and they were coming every 3 minutes. Miss Eveley, who never wakes up from her sleep, woke up and called for mama. I got her and she laid on my stomach while I sang to her (in between contractions). I then put her back to bed and called the doctor at 10:05. He said to meet him at his office just to make sure I was in labor. We arrived there at 10:30 and I was 6 cm. We walked across the street to the hospital. I got into my room about 10:50, put on my gown, answered a bazillion questions and realized this was it. The pain was very intense and the nurse decided to check me once more. As she began to tell me that I was 8 cm, I had a very strong contraction and screamed, "Is there a baby?" She saw the head and pressed the emergency button. People raced into the room, and Mr. Caleb was born at 11:47. Wowsers! I was not prepared for that.

But here is a special verse that my mom shared with me:

A woman, when she is in labor, has sorrow because her hour has come; but as soon as she has given birth to the child, she no longer remembers the anguish, for joy that a human being has been born into the world. John 16:21

Can I get an Amen?!

Eveley loves her little brother, but she's still trying to figure everything out. She becomes very concerned when she hears him crying and immediately runs over to give him a kiss. She is amazed (as we all are) by his thick, soft hair, and she loves to rub it.

We came home from the hospital late yesterday morning. When we walked into the house, I was expecting Evie to run for her mama, which she did. But she was mainly excited to see the balloon we brought back.

Last night was pretty rough, by my two babies are sleeping at this moment. God is good!


Heather said...

How wonderful! You are such a great mom and my family and I are so blessed to know you and yours. Can't wait to meet Mr. Caleb and see Evely with him. Call if you need us for *any* thing.

Anonymous said...

What a great picture of big sister and little brother! Priceless! He looks like a nice little combo of Robbie and Eveley's baby pictures so far. I can't wait to see him grow and change.

love ya,

3 Peanuts said...

I love the story of how Caleb came....Harry too came VERY quickly!!!! My total labor was under 2 hours. He is so cute Lauren. I wish I were there to help you. I would watch them s you could get some sleep. Miss you:)


Clare said...

oh i love the picture of eveley leaning over to rub his little face. adorable!! he is just the sweetest thing ever! i can't wait to meet him:)

Oatsvall Team said...

so excited ... he is just precious ... i have been thinking of you ...i pray you enjoy these days and find great joy in holding Caleb and looking into the eyes God created for just you !!!

love ya bunches ..

About Me said...

Congratulations! The girls told me you had photos on your blog, so I had to check them out, How adorable- Eveley looks so happy...also heard you look fabulous! I cannot wait to meet him, hope to make it to MOPS after Brays play...also hoping to come by next week (w/ the tv for your trip)! Talk to you soon, Love ya & I am so glad Caleb is here!

Melissa said...

okay- no idea why my name says about me! i know that is a title on my blog...anyways- I know you know, I know nothing about these blogs...anyways CONGRATS! love ya,
About me is Melissa!

Godfreyhouse said...

Praise the Lord for His blessings. I am so excited for you and Rob and Evely. Evely will be a great big sister. I'm glad things went well, inspite of being fast. Chrystal came fast for me too. Enjoy your precious gift.

Anonymous said...

He is adorable! Congratulations again and so happy to hear that all is well.

Stephanie said...

So the new pictures of your handsome little guy. What a story to tell him when he gets older. I hope you are feeling well. Take care hun:)))

Kim said...

I'm totally impressed that you are blogging so soon after Caleb's birth. You are wonderwoman without the outfit! We are so happy for you, Bob, and Evely and can't wait to meet Caleb!

Sheilah said...

I am so happy for all of you. We have all been blessed with the gift of you first to our family, you make Bobby a very happy, you are a wonderful woman, mom, mother, friend, sister and daughter that I can see. Then may I have the pleasure of thanking you for the wonderful family you have brought to ours. You are truly a gift to me and all.
Your children, my niece and nephews are truly the blessed and gifted to be born top such wonderful loving parents. You continue to show me the way....I love you all. Sheilah

carlee Brian said...

Hey girl! Congrats on your new little one. How precious is he? I know you are enjoying every moment as you hold little Caleb. Gwen gave me your blog address. Will be following. Your little ones are adorable! Your daughter looks just like you.