Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekend Update

It is hard getting back to work and the "normal" routine after a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving vacation. My husband's parents came to visit from upstate NY. They stayed for the week and were able to spend lots of time with Eveley. I am sure they are worn out! Eveley kept them busy reading books and playing outside. She had a great visit with her grandparents.

We are now just playing the "waiting game" as the due date approaches. No matter what you hear from the doctor, friends' stories, or, there really is no way to predict when the baby will arrive. Other than your water breaking (which I have always wished would happen to me), you just have to sit around and wait for the pain to begin. Haven't I mentioned that I am not a patient person?

This really has been an ideal time to wait though. There is so much to keep me busy - holidays, parties, gift buying, decorating - that I think I'm doing a better job of waiting with this pregnancy.

Those of you interested in the stats: I am 2 cm, 70% effaced and the baby is at -1. Really, this means nothing at all. I have tried all of the "old wives' tales" on how to induce labor -- raspberry tea, walks, Mexican food, castor oil, and other unmentionables. The castor oil worked with Eveley. I took it at noon, contractions started at 4, and she was born at 8:58. But I'm trying to be patient this time. We'll see.

Anybody have any methods that worked for you?


Clare said...

I am so excited to meet the baby!! I have heard that fresh pineapple does the trick??? don't know about that one! I have a sick boy on my hands, but as soon as we are feeling better i will drop off your shoes:)

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who applied pressure to her legs, about 3 inches up from her ankles. It induces labor supposedly!! Who knows! I may try it if I get desperate... Jenna :)

Care said...

Speaking, once again, as a medical professional, I would say your best bet is to do some relaxing techniques to further dilate your cervix. Yoga, pilates, or meditation are some good examples. Ok, I'm totally full of crap:) Try washing down some quesadillas with a glass of castor oil as you're walking. That should do the trick

CMG's Mom said...

No, and I tried them ALL! Good luck with the patience part.
I'm refreshing often to see some wonderful news!

Anonymous said...

The "C" word should never be used by a medical professional and especially not by my daughter---Dado

JBK said...

Hello, I just started reading your blog yesterday (it was a link from the 3 Peanuts - my fav. blog)and I love it! Good luck with your new baby. I hope the labour is very easy!


3 Peanuts said...

I never eat hot dogs but the days my water broke with BOTH Will and Harry, I had hotdogs for dinner!!! I swear by them. And not the fancy organic kind either...just regular supermarket hot dogs.....they were both early too!

If I were ever to find myself very pregnant again, I would eat hot dogs for dinner!