Friday, October 2, 2009

Uh Oh...

I mentioned that I would be heading to a women's conference this past weekend sans kids. It was only for one night. But what I failed to mention was that this was my first night away from Caleb and I am still a nursing mommy.

Don't let those sweet, blue eyes fool you!

In my typical optimistic thought process, I assumed he would take a bottle when he got hungry. He wouldn't miss me too much, and I would miss him too much either.

It wasn't until I woke up Saturday morning that I realized I had made a major error in judgment.

Caleb is almost 10 months old. He still nurses about 4 or 5 times a day, but he also eats A LOT of baby food. He has taken bottles before - breast milk and juice. And this past month, he took 3 bottles of formula without any prodding. So, I just expected him to drink when he was thirsty.

My poor mother. She ended up feeding him breast milk and apple juice with a spoon. He just refused to take the bottle. He would literally throw it across the room and scream in disgust.

Enough about him. I was in so much pain on Saturday. We were in a gigantic coliseum with 10,000 other women -- great music, awesome speakers, tons of fun. But all I could think about was how much time was left until I literally exploded.

Out of all the 10,000 women in the coliseum, I saw one baby. One. And she was sitting 2 rows in front of me. She was barely a month old and her SMART nursing mommy decided to bring her to the conference. I tried not to look at her. But at one point, I leaned over to my girlfriends and asked: "Do you think it would be weird if I asked that mommy if I could nurse her baby?" I was serious.

Anyway, around 8:00 I finally made it home to Caleb (he's really all I cared about at this point). I was so glad to see him. And he was very glad to see me too. He made up for lost time and went to bed with a full tummy. He slept very soundly. And so did I!

But here is the dilemma. I am leaving again in 3 weeks! My husband and I are going to a conference together (more on that later) and we must leave the kiddies for a few nights. But Caleb is still mad at me. He refuses the bottle from me or anyone else. It doesn't matter if it has juice, formula, or breast milk in it. He puts up a very good fight. I've tried other bottles and even soft sippy cups. He's not fooled.

Oh well. He's got 20 days to learn!


Carrianna said...

Who would have thought that my big sister would grow up to be a wet nurse?!

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is, "No bottle, no babysitter!" ......."No kidding!"

Clare said...

oh no, that sounds painful!! i hope it gets figured out before your next conference!

3 Peanuts said...

I wish I could help but I have no advice my friend.