Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You Go Girl!

Well, it's official! My sister is getting married. Yippee!!

Meet my soon-to-be brother in law, Oscar.

Kate and Oscar met through church in Houston. If she gushes about the engagement on her blog, I'll let you know.

Can't write more.

Got to go.

Time's a ticking.

Many details to plan.

Game on!


Jennifer said...

Love the blog's new look, Lauren. And congratulations to your sister - what a cute couple!

myboysrock said...


Clare said...

so cute!! i am happy for her, such a fun time!

Anonymous said...

How come mom swares me to secrecy and you get to blab to the whole world. It ain't fair! I have finally figured it out. She does this so she can be the one to let the cat out of the hat. After almost 33 years I have seen the light. Next time I will be the tale-bearer! Dado

Anonymous said...

It is a joke! I am not mad at anyone----Dado

Kim said...

What a great looking couple and congrats to Kate!