Sunday, January 3, 2010

Project 52

I'm sure you have heard of Project 365 if you are a regular traveler in Blogdom. What a great idea! -- take a picture of your kids/family/world each day of the year. At the end of the year, you have a wonderful collection of memories from the year.

But I am a realist. There is no way I will be able to capture a picture each day. No way.

First of all, it will probably take me a week to even remember I am doing this. Then, I will most likely misplace my camera for a few days here and there or find a dead battery just as I'm about to snap my memory.

So, I am launching Project 52. I will do my darned best to capture 1 photo (at least) each week of the year that sums up our lives that week. Don't let me forget! I'm going to add it to my sidebar to remind me, and write it on the fridge and bathroom mirror. And even if I can't find my camera, I'm going to force the kids to sit in front of the laptop for a webcam shot or stalk them with my iPhone. It will be fun to look back on a year of our journey and see how much the children will grow and change.

I can do this.

Here's the first.

My little princess, saying "cheese" while refusing to look at the camera, and my chunky monkey cheesing proudly.


Mrs. Allie Carpenter said...

Great goal to have~ I like you could never follow through with a one pic a day! I have lost my camera multiple times in 2009 for weeks at a time:) Good Peyton would say.."May the force be with you" You have yourself an adorable chunky monkey:)

Clare said...

great idea, i might have to jump on this one:)

Anonymous said...

Is this a pic of the kids up at 5:30 ready to start their day?? CUTE!!


3 Peanuts said...

You go girl! I posted mine today. Did I get this idea from you?

hxr said...
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hxr said...
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