Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Rockin' New Year

So our New Year has started off with a bang. It truly was a rockin' New Year Eve as I spent most of the day (and the week) rockin my little Caleb who is pretty sick. He's been battling a terrible cough/cold/pink eye -- the yucky virus as I like to call it. He's sleeping right now and has hopefully taken a turn for the better.

Then I was awakened at 2 last night by my husband who decided to contract the yucky virus himself. When he was up, he realized that we had no water. I didn't care. It was 2:00 in the morning.

I got up with Caleb at 4 and then got him back to sleep around 4:30 when Eveley joined me in my bed. By 5:30, both kids decided I had met my sleep quotient for the night, so we went downstairs to watch a little Dora.

I now realized the water was not working. Anywhere. No water. Now it was a big deal. I checked the fridge and saw we had about 2 cups of water in our filtered pitcher.

Quick thinking. What should I save that for? Toilet flush? A drink? Brush my teeth? Wash the kids faces? Nope. I quickly made 2 cups of coffee before anyone got another idea.

So, here I sit. Ringing in the New Year with a hot cup of coffee, sick kids, and a sick hubby. Truly Beautiful. (He keeps asking me how it is that I escaped getting the yucky virus. "I didn't," I respond. "I've had it for the past week and a half." Oh well.)

I'll share our Christmas Card soon. The pics above are just a preview! Unfortunately, I didn't order enough and our snowstorm really slowed down the mail. Sorry!!

Update: Our water is working now! Praise God! I'm off to make a full pot of coffee and enjoy the day with my family.


myboysrock said...

I am laughing so hard b/c boy have I been there!!!! (I would have made myself some coffee too :) )

Clare said...

whew!!! happy new year friend, we have the nasty cold/cough here too. bradley seems to have shared it with me!!