Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Afternoon at the Spa

Last week was very busy as we were preparing for Eveley's birthday party and Kate's wedding. There was tons of cooking, cleaning, washing, packing, and creating. I was tired and, once again, experiencing pretty significant back pain.

So after the birthday party, my hubby took the kids home while I went to an afternoon "spa" appointment.

I drove in silence to the building. They offered me water and coffee when I arrived. After a few minutes, a lady called my name and took me in. She showed me to my own personal dressing room and handed me my locker key. A cozy gown was provided for me. She led me to the back and helped me lie down on a comfortable table. They fluffed my pillow, propped my knees up, and covered me with a warm blanket. Serene music was playing.

"Please lie completely still for the next 30 minutes," they told me.

"No problem!" I responded.

I closed my eyes, listened to the music in the headphones, and went to a calm and peaceful place.

Thirty minutes later, they helped me up, gave me some water and snacks, and I was on my way home. And they only charged me 20% of the total price.

So, what procedure did I have?

A massage?

Body wrap?


Nope. I was lying in one of these.

(I had an MRI to try and determine the cause of my back pain.)

These days, I'll take whatever "spa" experience I can have. And it was pretty relaxing if I do say so myself.


Anonymous said...

What is that?

3 Peanuts said...

Hope they find out what s causing your pain and that you feel better soon.

StarfishMom said...

You really had me jealous for a minute there BUT I have had an MRI and the way they stratigically put that pillow under your knees...left me WITHOUT back pain for 30 mintues!!!

CMG's Mom said...

Lauren, I hope this gives you the answers you need to get out of pain soon.