Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Parenting 101

Tonight I kick off my first in a series on Parenting Tips/Techniques. These are little tidbits that I don't want to forget in case we are blessed with more children. And maybe I'll even help out a few likewise struggling parents. (I hope you can sense my sarcasm...)

Don't let these sweet, clean faces fool you.

First bit. Postpone the potty training venture until you are both ready. Don't be pressured to start early just because everybody else is doing it. If your daughter is the only one in her class still wearing a diaper, don't sweat it.....even if she does look like a five year old. I'm just saying. It's really nobody's business.

Because, just as you already knew, they will learn to use a potty when they are ready. You probably don't have to worry about your child walking across the stage to accept her high school diploma wearing diapers. It's just not gonna happen.

Do yourself (and your child) a favor. Assess your situation. Do you have the time or patience to teach them? Do they have the attention and interest to learn? If so, by all means, knock yourself out. But if they're not ready, it's no big deal.

Eveley is very tall for her age and is often mistaken for being much older than she is. So I have gotten some "looks" from people when they saw her in a diaper or when I had to stop and change her. But she was only 2. Sure, maybe she was 2 1/2 or 2 3/4 but she was only 2. I didn't sweat it. I believed it was easier to lay her and Caleb down at the same time and knock out the diaper changing than cleaning up soiled britches and floors all day.

So, we waited until March. We talked about it for a while, bought Dora and princess panties, made a sticker chart, and bought lots of jelly beans. And now she's potty trained! She even naps in her panties. I'm so proud of her (and me) and can't belive we've reached this new milestone.

Second thought. I would also suggest that you postpone teaching your kids to talk. Eveley is a very verbal bird. Not only does she have a remarkable vocabulary, but she has also picked up quite a few mannerisms and gestures that I did not teach her. With her ability to talk, comes her ability to embarass me.

Case in point:

We were at church on Sunday and the service was getting ready to start. I had met a new middle-aged couple that was visiting the church and Eveley was out in the hallway with Bob. He came to tell me that Eveley had just ducked into the bathroom and that I should go check on her.

I walked into the ladies room and called for her.

"Eveley, are you okay?"

"Yes, mom. I just did a stinker!" she excitedly told me.

"That's great. I'm so proud of you." I told her as she exited the stall. Just then, another lady came out from the adjoining stall. She was the guest I had just met.

"That lady just did a stinker too, mom. And it was disgusting."

Doubt the couple will be there next Sunday.

Third tip. Let your kids be kids.


Murphy Family said...

Lauren - this is hilarious! Kids are so honest.

Anonymous said...

bahahaha!!! I love it! I did cringe when I saw them in the mud though=) I have become a clean freak which I am sure must surprise you. After every baseball game, I am the mom passing out the wet wipes before the boys eat their snack. No other mom does this...I just don't get it. ~ Shana

Clare said...

love it!! those are so funny, the naked bum is the best!

ji said...

Oh how I can relate (I have 3 little ones 4 and under with another on the way)!!! We are now trying to "wean" our almost 2 year old from her binky...Oh my it is not pretty and there are times I still give it to her in public...but I know she is at the age when people start to judge my parenting when they see her with a binky!!! :)

Too cute!


Tabitha said...

I guess we all make stinkers, right ;-) Eveley makes me crack-up!!