Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rainbow Fun

We are headed to TN for the week. My sister's wedding is next Saturday, the 17th, and we're all so excited! But Eveley Joy's 3rd birthday is the 18th and I didn't want her special day to be spent in the car driving back to Virginia. So we decided to have her 3rd birthday party a week early.

A while back, I asked her what kind of party she wanted. She said it had to be a rainbow party. Eveley is obsessed with rainbows and the rainbows colors. She learned a song from Mickey Mouse:

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue
And don't forget there's Purple Too
Rainbow colors for me and you.

We sing it many times a day. And she is very picky on having the colors in the proper order. Rainbow party it was!

I immediately knew the perfect rainbow cake and cupcakes. I saw this idea on the blog of a friend's friend. Although it's pretty time consuming, Eveley and I had tons of fun making them together.

Even the mess was pretty!

Having an April birthday almost demands a park party! We were blessed with gorgeous weather! Here comes the birthday girl.

Notice her rainbow shirt!

Mr. Caleb decided to make his own rainbow by doing a face plant on the cement sidewalk moments after getting to the park. sigh.

Fun and bright party favors!

The cake looked pretty basic.

I held my breath...


Happy 3rd Birthday Eveley Joy!


Kate said...

awww..bob wore his rainbow shirt too. sweet

Anonymous said...

I CANNOT believe Eveley is three!! And I'm so impressed with your cake - are you for hire? :)

Pilgrim Days said...

that is one fabulous cake!!!

Care said...

You're so gifted! I love the cake.

Mrs. Allie Carpenter said...

Amazing cake skills! This post reminded me of my Rainbow Brite doll!
Have a great time at the wedding! It's hard to imagine your sisters being grown up:) They were all so young the last time I saw them!!

Debbi said...

The cake is AMAZING! ... you are 'the Mom' :)
Happy birthday Evely ...

anna said...

LOVE it all!!

aprildt said...

Love the cake and cupcakes...where can I get the recipe for the cupcakes?? Happy birthday Eveley! *<:D

Diane Teague said...

Great job! You are a great mom. I also want the recipe.

3 Peanuts said...

Happy B-day to Eveley!!! I still remember her 1st b-day party and those cute cupcakes you made:) Kate could not wait to eat one!!!!

Love the rainbow cake. I am quite impressed. Can't believe Kate is getting exciting!!! Have fun at the wedding and come visit us in TX!

Kim said...

Great job on the cake and cupcakes. Please share the recipe sometime when you have a chance. Awesome party theme!

April said...

WOW!!!!! Rainbowlicious!!!!! My kids were super impressed too :) Can't wait to show this to Jon - it totally made my day b/c it's SO CREATIVE!!!