Saturday, May 22, 2010

Celebrity Spotting

This weekend, we got word that a big celebrity was in our neck of the woods. This isn't too out of the ordinary since our little town seems to attract some big-timers every now and then.

Saturday morning, we got dressed in cute outfits and headed to the spot. I explained to Eveley who we would see and told her she must be on her best behavior and have big girl manners.

At a girlfriends' brunch a few weeks ago, a friend recounted how she ran into some really cool and hip celebrities and behaved exactly how she was afraid she would -- with a gasp and a 5th-grade-girl squeal.

I had a feeling this celebrity would evoke a similar response from Miss Eveley.

Eveley could hardly sit still as she waited for the big shot. Luckilly, one of Eveley's best buds, Cohen, came too and he helped distract the misses.

Then it was time.

He walked through crowd. It was Curious George -- one of the kids' favorite characters. But he was not alone. He was with Little Critter. I'm sad to say this but we have never heard of Little Critter. And he is frankly pretty scary looking. The two characters couldn't squeeze by Eveley so they had to ask her to move over. She did not appreciate that.

After about 5 minutes, Eveley had seen enough and was still skeptical of Little Critter. She returned to me and decided it would be better to go sit in the corner and read books.

"Mom," she whispered. "I'm going to call him Big Critter because he was too big and stepped on my toes." "That's fine with me," I told her.

All in all, her first celebrity encounter went pretty well.


Clare said...

so cute! bradley loves the little critter funny!

aprildt said...

cant believe you've never heard of little critter :) We have tons of their books they're great!