Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a little boy and little girl who loved the outdoors. Loved it! They would stay outside all day if their mama would let them.

Unfortunately for them, their mama did not really like it. She enjoyed air conditioning and disliked bugs. She did not like to get dirty and would rather not have to bathe her dirty children.

When she was a little girl, she played inside. She ran hotels, assisted top executives, was a short-order cook at a crazy busy McDonalds, and played Math Bingo. Outside wasn't a big draw.

But nothing made mama happier than seeing her children smile and squeal at the simple things in life. So she let them play in mud puddles, eat rocks, and turn gray from gravel dust.

In law school, however, she learned the art of negotiation. Thinking that a fun but clean alternative may provide a winning distraction to the mess, mama advocated for a swingset for Eveley's birthday present. (She had to put up a pretty big fight against the case for the sandbox .)

But mama won.

It began as this.

With some help from wonderful friends, a little help from Eveley and Caleb, (and no help from the directions), the project was completed at 1:30 in the morning.

Tired from the exhausting day, mama laid in bed dreaming of the fun and clean summer days they would now experience. Then, in the midst of her deep sleep at 6 a.m., she heard a loud noise. Miss Eveley began screaming, "My playground. My playground!" She had peeked outside her window and could see the finished product glistening in the rising sun.

Mama heard some sounds of velcro and loud footsteps running down the stairs. This set off the burglar alarm which convinced mama it was time to get up. Eveley ran out the door wearing her pajamas, shoes on the wrong feet, and a huge smile. Mama shuffled behind her and grabbed the camera to record this historic day.

So, this week has been full of outside picnics, sibling bonding time, and many smiles and squeals.

Miss Eveley's favorite part?

the baby swing, of course.

Mr. Caleb's favorite part?

the cookies

Mama's favorite part?


And they lived happily ever after.



Allie Carpenter said...

Oh my gosh, how funny and adorable! What a great idea! Carlee would swing all day if we let her:) But we opted for a trampoline!!

Ben and April said...

So sweet!! Love the singing! Playsets are wonderful....I can see ours from the kitchen, very nice to send them outside while I am fixing supper. Your children are precious!

Clare said...

so fun lauren, and an adorable post to boot!! so funny;)

Anonymous said...

Heart warming. One of your best posts. You're an excellent writer!

Kim said...

We have a similar swing and yes it was a bear to put together (fortunately we have good friends also) but oh the hours of enjoyment it has brought!

Happy Swinging!