Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Commercial Break

Now, a word from our sponsor.


I have received numerous inquiries about my blog design. Thanks to my sweet friend Kim and her willingness to explain Blogger to me, I have been able to design my own blog headers for the past several years.

I have designed many other blogs and headers for friends and family, and, after some gentle prodding, decided to extend an official offer.

If you are interested in having your blog personalized or redesigned, just leave a comment with your email address and I'll contact you. (I won't publish your email or comment.)

There are various options -- we can do a full blog makeover with background and personalized header. You can include photographs, your favorite saying or verse, or just a fun design. Or we can simply add a customized header to your existing blog. At this point, I can only provide designs for blogs hosted by Blogger. You can dictate the style or theme, and we will keep designing until you LOVE it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging over these past few years and know many of you also enjoy this hobby. Having a pretty and creative place to record your thoughts and memories makes it even more enjoyable!

Now back to your originally scheduled broadcast...

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