Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Soul Sista's Shower

I love my two sisters. Love them. We are extremely close. I just wish we were geographically close. We live in 3 disjointed states and don't get to see each other nearly enough.

Despite the craziness of these past few months with two weddings, I absolutely loved the chance it gave us sisters to spend time together.

Last week, my sister Kate and I had the fun privilege of throwing our baby sister's lingerie shower. We resisted the urge to be too kinky and settled on a simple theme of pink and girly! We did our research and pulled off a pretty cute party if I do say so myself.

The evening featured drinks and a trifle bar. How fun is that?!!

The bar consisted of pound cake, brownies, vanilla custard, chocolate mousse, strawberries, raspberries, an assortment of cookies, caramel, hot fudge, and whipped cream. What more could you want? Most of the recipes were from my mom or grandmotheres and they were delicious!

We used wrapping paper as the table runner.

And Kate made a fabulous sign but I am a terrible photographer so you can't see it that well.

And what would a girlie shower be without bling!

Kate had the awesome idea of using these scrapbook jewel stickers to "bedazzle" our crystal and coffee mugs. So cute.

The bride had her own personalized glass.

The cute trifle glasses bearing the emblem from our invites with a "Congratulations Carrianna" message.

It was a fun and memorable evening, and Carrianna got tons of cute stuff!

(And for those who were wondering, this was the event that broke my sugar fast. And it was soooo worth it!!)


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April said...

SOOO CUTE!!! I want to have 5 kids so my family will be just like the McKays :) Super excited to see you soon!!! I just wanted to let you know I love your sugar/white-bread fast...totally agree it makes a HUGE difference. However, I've found that I can still have honey, maple syrup & agave nectar when I'm sugar fasting and they don't do the same damage as sugar b/c they metabolize differently. Honey is actually really good in coffee!!!! From one sweet-toothed southerner to another ;)