Friday, July 16, 2010

Wedding Week - Take 2

The time has arrived -- again -- for us to travel home for my sister's wedding.

Carrianna and Eric are getting married next Saturday.

We are so excited and have many fun events scheduled for the week. My sister Kate was married in April and it was a fantastic week. Now it's my little sis' turn.

I must say it makes me feel a little old. She has always been my "little sister" and I can barely believe she is old enough for this milestone. But she is....which makes me even older.

I realized that I did not get ONE picture of Kate and her husband at the wedding. Really terrible. So I am now sharing a few that the pro took.

I'll try to do better at Carrianna's wedding.

Our schedule this week includes a bridal shower, lingerie shower, bridesmaids luncheon, rehearsal, and then the big day.

Kate and I are throwing her lingerie shower on Thursday night. Those are always fun! ... We have lots of fun planned for the evening, and I promise to share what I can. =) [trying to make Carrianna nervous...]

Here are the invites. I ordered them from here and they were wonderful to work with!

(I had to blur out our personal info just in case anyone was tempted to join us for the evening. =)

We are excited to add another to the family!


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Clare said...

have fun!!! weddings are the best:)