Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Boyfriend

It's true. I have a boyfriend. His name is Craig.

I am addicted to Craigslist. Not even the Craigslist murderer dissuaded me from perusing the ads every day in hopes of finding a treasure. I have already found a few treasures. But this past week was one of the best.

I have slowly been transforming Eveley's bedroom -- deciding on her bedding, color scheme, furniture. It has been a long process. If I had an unlimited budget, this task would have been finished in a weekend. But I have been trying to be thrifty.

The last piece of the puzzle was a dresser for Ev. She has a white vanity dresser that was my great grandmother's. It's very cute but does not have enough space for her crazy wardrobe. So I have been begging Mr. Craig to list the perfect piece for a steal.

And, once again, he did not disappoint.

I had to drive out to Timbuktu, but I found this!

I only had a few rules:

First, it couldn't be too big. My husband refuses to be an accessory to my affair with Craig, so I had to be able to move it myself.

Second, and most importantly, it had to be solid wood. If it's solid wood, I have learned, I can do a lot to improve it without spending a dime!

I brought home my treasure and my hubby was not impressed.

But I reassured him that it would cost us nothing. I already had a quart of white and pink paint left over from a stripe-treatment that I did on Eveley's walls. In fact, I got the pink paint for free from a Glidden intenet promotion.

In just one afternoon, I ended up with this.

Here it is in Eveley's room.

These were the original knobs, and, after I cleaned them up a little, I thought they were perfect.

She said it was gorgeous!!

It's the perfect size for her. Maybe she will even be able to put her own laundry away.

Craig and I are going out again tomorrow!


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Anonymous said...

Brian and I love it! The little bird is so darling! Great job!

jg :)

myboysrock said...

Gorgeous! I still think about that chair and ottoman you got! When are you gonna come decorate my house??

Allie Carpenter said...

I hate to tell you, but I think Craig is a cheater!! He and I have been going out for some time now! In fact we had a lovely encounter today. He filled my pockets with a nice hunk of cash today:) Please don't be mad at him, deep down he only wants to make a girl happy!!

3 Peanuts said...

It looks GREAT! I too am having a thing with Craig...but I am on the selling end! He is helping me clear out my garage and make money for a new sofa for the play room:)

dee said...

It is precious!Love it! :)

Care said...

Looks great! Come help me decorate

Cadens Mom said...

LOVE the treasure and the paint job! You are as handy, thrifty and crafty as I want to be! ;)


Cadens Mom said...

LOVE the treasure and the paint job! You are as handy, thrifty and crafty as I want to be! ;)


RJW said...

i too had a brief romance with craig, i would stare at him for hours in hopes he would offer great gifts for me (like a gently used upright freezer w/ auto defrost that locks but no bigger than 15 cu. ft. AND under $400). Is that too much to ask??? Guess he was out tip toe'n thru the tulips with you girls! :) So what does a girl do after a break up? Well, she goes shopping for a freezer of course!
"No better therapy than retail therapy!"

L, what a great find & lovely paint job!

aprildt said...

I am addicted too but no luck yet w/ a great deal, I'm in search of a good cheap car, if there is such a thing! And I am definately turning into a major bargain hunter and you can turn trash into treasures :)The dresser looks great!

Kristen said...

You crack me up...I'm impressed and glad the cat is out the bag about Craig:)

Anonymous said...

Of course Brian would love it!!!

Kelly said...

Absolutely beautiful!