Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day Trip

I must admit that the busy wedding season took its toll on me. I was absolutely exhausted the day after the wedding and a little out of my mind. I drove away from TN with a sugar hangover and two overly tired munchkins. I left the kids' suitcase and one of their noise machines. But I remembered my box of leftover wedding cake.

Fortunately, Mathers, my cousin from south Alabama, decided she would really like to come and "nanny" for us this summer. I was afraid she may be crazy. But we took her up on this awesome offer, and it has been great. She came back with us after the wedding and has helped me in my attempt to get back to the "normal" routine.

She is from a little town. Tiny. So Bob decided he had to show her some sights while she was staying with us.

Saturday, we took a day trip to DC and had a wonderful time. Although we live pretty close to the capital, I was surprised to realize that we had not been since I was pregnant with Eveley.

I had high hopes of the kids having a marvelous day seeing these national landmarks.

We made one Smithsonian, a carousel, a few hotdog trucks, and about 5 dirt piles. Why do my kids migrate towards dirt??

One of my favorite exhibits is the First Lady hall in the American History museum. As we walked through, I saw our current First Lady's inaugural ballgown and heels on display in a large glass box. The crowd oohed and aahed, but all I could hear was their comments on how big her shoes were. I immediately told Bob he would not be able to become President because I was sure my shoes were bigger than Michelle's.

Each time I visit, I am overwhelmed by the carvings of quotes around the district. This one really took my breath away.

It says:

"Whoever increases knowledge multiplies the uses to which he is able to turn the gift of his Creator." John Q. Adams

Chew on that for a while.

My kids are so cute.

But they were terrible.

This is the new "stink face" of a 3 year old with a major attitude. More on that later...

Have you heard of this place??

It now has its own show on TLC, and I was determined to go and taste what all the fuss was about.

But everybody else and their brother had the same idea. So, I'll have to wait...



myboysrock said...

LOVE the pics, you're right - your kids are SO cute!! How could they possibly act badly??? Glad yall had a good trip! Miss yall!!

aprildt said...

I've watched that cupcake show :) and the girls that do it talked about the people lining up just to get one of their cupcakes (w/ the signature swirl icing)...Looked alot like the ones in carrianna's wedding pics!

Allie Carpenter said...

I heart DC Cupcakes:) I would love to eat a dozen of those!! I know a little something about that stink face! I see it everyday at my house! My little girl, my sweet little girl, she is a piece of work! I wish I could document her facial expressions and noises in a single day!!!
What to do?!?!?!?!?!

Debbi said...

Obviously cupcakes are recession proof!