Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Leaping Lizards

This is a line from one of my all-time favorite movies. Can you guess it??

This past weekend, we received an awesome gift. Our friends, who are moving out of state, decided not to transport their trampoline and offered it to us.

We pointed to the pile of steel rods in the grass and explained to the kids that they would soon have a trampoline. Bob and I used our problem-solving skills and put it together on Saturday. It was a very comical afternoon and would have made some great reality TV.

Eveley helped us sort the pieces.

Eveley was so excited to finally get to try it out.

But she was not very happy when brother Caleb was allowed to join her.

She got over it quickly.

We do have the upper enclosure system but are just waiting on our pad and net to be shipped.

Growing up, we had a trampoline that looked almost identical to this one. We spent almost every day on it. I'm sure it was a glowing death trap --- no pad, set up on a hill --- but we had so much fun on it.

We camped out on it, sunbathed on it, set up the sprinkler on it, and practiced our cheerleading jumps on it!

This weekend, I climbed on the trampoline with the kids and couldn't understand why it had been so long since I had been back on one. I made Eveley sit down so I could show her my mad skills.

Then I realized why trampoline-jumping had not been a part of the last several years of my life. ... And I went inside to change my pants.

These babies do crazy things to our bodies!

Here's to many more fun family memories. I'll be on the ground snapping pictures.

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StarfishMom said...

The quote is from the movie 'Annie'. The kids will have HOURS of fun on that trampoline. My 4 LOVE it still after 5 years!!!

Bargain B said...

ok, i was already in tears from laughing so hard at the first few pics...had a full moon that day huh?...then i read about your pants...THANKS for the LOL'S- i needed that! :-D

Joanna said...

In case you're worried about safety, we had friends in Washington who actually dug a huge hole for their trampoline and set it up in the hole. If any of the grandkids fell, they were already at ground level.

Anonymous said...

Caleb is adorable, but that looking good!

Care said...

She hadda go bathroom. I love Annie:) I think Eveley will kill you when she grows up and realizes you showed her butt to everyone

aprildt said...

yeah we have a trampoline (death trap as you called it) prob in the same spot as yours LOL w/ no net...and my kids LOVE it and do the same things you described...well they dont lay out in the sun on it but I have :) Joseph and Hopkins set off fireworks on it so it has a few burn holes in it (guess that makes it a little more dangerous)

Clare said...

you always make me smile!! that last picture is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

The craky pic cracks me up. :)