Thursday, October 21, 2010

It is Finished!

Yes! It is finally finished.

Remember my visions of grandeur here?

Well, I'll be the first to admit that it took a little longer than I anticipated. Part of that has to do with the fact that I am majorly indecisive. (My husband would say that is quite the understatement.) But I am so set on making the best, absolutely perfect decision, that it takes some time for me to calculate all of the different cost-benefit and other analyses. (Remember, I am constantly playing Tetris in my head...)

My first dilemma was choosing a quilter. Yes, my full disclosure: I did not actually do the quilting. Instead, I sewed the quilt front and the backing and then shipped it off to a professional to stuff and quilt it.

There are quite a few pros to choose from. But after lots of research and several phone calls with the applicants, I decided on a girl from a neighboring town. She was great to work with and very supportive in my first quilting experience. I was somewhat tentative to send her my work, feeling it would certainly betray my amateur status. But she was eager to give me some wonderful tips and promised to guide my decision-making process with her years of expertise.
And when she received the quilt, she said it was gorgeous. (Maybe she always says that, but I don't care...)

My second dilemma was choosing the quilt backing. The "typical" way of putting together the backing for a quilt is to use a single selection of fabric. But I couldn't decide which one to use. All of these Amy Butler fabrics were so cute that I could barely stand to choose one to make a solo debut as the backing of my first (and probably only) quilt.

After quite a few trial selections, I finally decided on piecing together my own backing out of my favorite fabrics. And I am very pleased with it!

In this photo, the quilt is displayed on Eveley's bed. But don't jump to conclusions. There is no way she is using this on her bed right now.

First of all, it is cold season. Secondly, her brother insists on coloring on everything. Thirdly, she is 3. So I am staying true to my control-freak personality and placing the quilt in the cedar chest to be pulled out only when my friends come over! {just kidding...kinda}

Here's the label for the quilt that I hope to have sewn on here before her 16th birthday.

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Joanna said...

I love it! As a fabric addict, I love seeing other people's finished projects. Thanks for the reminder to upload my post-move finishes.

Anonymous said...

LAUREN! Wow, the quilt is fabulous! You over-achiever stay at home mom! You're making us other moms look like duds. :) Eveley will cherish this quilt!


Kate said...

wow lauren, thats pretty amazing!! Carrianna now has some competition as the blanket maker of the family. im seriously impressed!

Tabitha said...

What a beautiful job!! You should feel such a wonderful sense of accomplishment & Eveley is a VERY luckily little girl :-)

Clare said...

wow!! i think it looks awesome!! will you tell me where you got the pattern for eveley's dress in the fall post? i want to try make something like that for ellie!

Anonymous said...

The quilt is gorgeous, and I too am impressed. if I can't finish something in one sitting, I'm probably not going to tackle it! Hence, you have no quilt from your Mama.